Introducing Digitakt


It’s a good idea! You better start producing them :frowning: :sweat_smile:


We have to reach 10 000 posts ! :smile:
Come on everybody, say anything to reach that goal ! (Maybe moderators are tired with that thread :wink: )


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SO I’m wondering…
Is Digitakt deliberately mono in order for us to get the Heat? :slight_smile:
I actually really like the sound of Heat but it’s way to expensive for what it does imo. If it ever drops to $500 territory then I’ll give it a though.
Seems like these two were made for each other especially for those that like to jam live.
I wonder what’s next DT/HT sized box gonna do.


I’m quite confident that Dataline could play a nice show just by using a hairbrush.
I really like his sets.


I was in two minds about the heat for a long time but found a good price, around 600 euro new so will give it a try.


7339 is mine ! :smile:


Not sure I get your meaning.
DT output is stereo.
Tracks can be panned in the stereo field. FX are stereo.


Not yesterday, someone’s been deleting! :aw:


I thought mono samples are still mono and panning them is just “moving” to the other side.
If I don’t want to use the built in FX then I’m still left with mono on the output as there’s no phase.
Heat/Stereo plugin is what can change the actual output. Subtle analog distortion warms up the sound without much audible difference, adds spread (phase difference, not pan) while outputting in stereo. Not panning. Unless my whole theory is completely wrong :pl:


Yeah but some people say mono is better for drums. :sketchy:


The relationship between samples is made stereo via pan.

Pan is not absolute.

You can put the clap slightly to the left, the snare slightly to the right, the toms far out to the left, and the kick in the center.


Which is known as pan width. But that isn’t true stereo width as there are not distinctive phases coming from one sound.
So when you play one kick sample in the center it will always be there coming from one direction were as if you use stereo the sound will have a nice depth to it and will imitate the way we humans actual hear.

From WIKI.

Stereo sound systems can be divided into two forms: the first is “true” or “natural” stereo in which a live sound is captured, with any natural reverberation or ambience present, by an array of microphones. The signal is then reproduced over multiple loudspeakers to recreate, as closely as possible, the live sound.
Secondly “artificial” or “pan-pot” stereo, in which a single-channel (mono) sound is reproduced over multiple loudspeakers. By varying the relative amplitude of the signal sent to each speaker an artificial direction (relative to the listener) can be suggested. The control which is used to vary this relative amplitude of the signal is known as a “pan-pot” (panoramic potentiometer). By combining multiple “pan-potted” mono signals together, a complete, yet entirely artificial, sound field can be created.

iZotope has a nice visual representation of this in thier Stereo Imaging plugin.


I love these wacky discussions about stereo :loud_sound::older_man:


Love your input on it. Very constructive :ecstatic:




“Artificial sound field” is the key :eyeglasses:


Key to what?