Introducing Digitakt

Been a while since I had a Tempest but I’m sure anything other than fairly rudimentary midi in and out was beyond things. Great fun having a tempest around though.

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Oh, I didn’t mean to direct that at you or anyone in particular, just a general DT thread wisecrack…

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You most certainly are !

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Midi thru just passes midi messages what the device receives via midi in, for both a4 and rytm.


So you want to route incoming MIDI to what?

Sorry, just confused why’d you want to route MIDI input to the internal FX since one is audio and the other is MIDI.

I stand corrected! Thanks!


Surely he means CC commands routed to the FX parameters. Come on.

There isn’t an FX track like the A4 or AR where you can p-lock different FX parameters on the sequencer. So instead of that midi going out to another instrument, it stays internal and acts as a track where you can plock different values for the send FX parameters.

Does that make more sense?

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Do you think something like this be possible with Digitakt?

Had never heard of “skip back sampling” before but a chap on Gearslutz asked. I guess it depends on whether you can mix the internal resampling with an external signal?

It’s the possibility of these sort of tricks that interest me most!

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ah! i see now, thanks for clarifying.


edited my post because I sounded like i’m begging for something.

But that skipback sampling idea is workflow genius

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Skip Back Sampling is overdub apparently.
I’m not sure there will be overdub, but at least you’ll be able to resample 2 tracks, and obtain same results.

On 2 unrelated occasions I found the a4 sending midi out via the through midi port

That make sense, and you can use midi tracks for audio tracks too, to add a lfo, and additionnal (eventually conditional) trigs…

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From A4 manual

The MIDI THRU port duplicates the data arriving at the MIDI IN port.

You can choose DIN 24/48 sync, not MIDI OUT.

shame you have to set it up first, and risk filling the memory… not sure what happens in that case.

In the GS thread someone mentions pairing with an sp404 to be able to record loads of audio. But what a pita to have to go back through that lot with the 404… having the last x amount of bars in memory would be so great for resample workflow

conditional trigs are cool and all that, but I think there needs to be a way to capture the best takes to make it shine…

USB or audio into a daw then back out again is the only current solution i guess.

Has not been addressed, I asked about this, on this thread, about a week ago.

The past nine months has been MDUW, and I love all 16 of those LFOS.
Can’t believe LFO possibilities hasn’t been spoken of yet…

@Ess ??? Anything you can share?

Actually, I’ll be pairing it with the 404 and a microsampler. My guess is the microsampler will be better paired and the 404 will be the effect send channel. That way I can use it for loops and effects.

The korg ms-1 is also limited in sample size but has polyphonic samples, time stretch and a few extra effects.

And yeah, I’ll have to hook in a mixer. A little bummed that the input on the DT doesn’t have a play through without arming the recorder buffer, but at least I’ll always be ready to capture a sound.

Why u think the OP-1 specifically is well suited to digitakt?
I have an op1 but I just got it recently. would love some ideas :slight_smile:

^So I went back on this concept of gapless, OP-1 style “sample streams” for DT.

Turns out there is a real easy way to make these.
Go into Ableton Live, turn off snap to grid in arranger (command + 4), Drop your list of .wavs right into a single track.

Select all the sample hits, render at 16bit, 48khz, mono: READY FOR DIGITAKT

I hope prospective DT buyers are ready for the Analog Rytm sample pack I recorded a couple months ago, in anticipation of DT.
3200+ sample hits!
ALL synthesis machines.

The sound is the Rytm and the Rytm is the sound… in your Digitakt. :wink: