Introducing Digitakt

And where can we get it ? :smiley:

will be on once Digitakt starts shipping.


I’m ready! Looks great :sunglasses:

So I’m guessing sample chains won’t need to be very precise any more since the DT has a decimal point on start/end points.

I didn’t think there was a need to make gapless sample packs in one file. Surely the Digitakt can just load in separate one-shot samples.

Exactly! Which means more sample hits on the +Drive, because streams are not “chains”. Chains are bound to have silences between sample hits, here and there (not all sample hits in a sample chain are the same length before inserting into chain format).

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Only 127 sample slots in a 64MB project.
Single shots only = only 127 sample hits.

Streams = Many many more.

Both single shots and streams will work.

Same logic for using Chains in Rytm.


What’s the total running time that can be fit into that 64MB? And how much would that be when divided by 127 sample slots?

Sample Chains are a pain in the ass

that said, the DK is the next level unit of the century, for performance and realtime.


12 mins mono

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Over 11 minutes.
So plenty of time for samples that are much longer than a single shot.


And yet they multiply options by a magnitude of 100 in a project.

Some feel working in multiple projects is a pain in the ass. And that’s what you have to do when you don’t use chains.

Good thing they are optional, as process is such a subjective thing.

At least with a new Streams format, and the DT’s higher resolution editing (which DT users will all have to utilize whenever sampling from another source), we can get more precision and functionality.


Dammit, now I suddenly seriously want one of these although I already have two bad ass samplers. It’s just because I find it attractive too. I could get by without one, but it looks pretty darn fun.


fascinated to read more about the Streams…

Sample chains are a great idea, but after trying them on the Machinedrum - and enjoying them - i realised one day … hey … limitation is freedom, why not just use the 48 sample slots, and spend more time selecting and culling them over a process of a few months? Anyway sample chains are cool … but the one thing i did find myself being wary of is the feeling of “Oh, this bassdrum is cool but i know there are four better ones i could be using if i went and found them in my computer library, but if i do that i need to make another samplechain” … and so i have reconnected to spontaneity by not using samplechains.

But for users who know and love their samples intimately, and there is no question about any sample if it should be in or out, yes, Samplechains would flourish and come into their own field of value.

About 5 secs per slot.

Here’s an idea too: A string of a bunch of melodic sounds all the same pitch (like imagine 12 samples on middle C), then if you can change the sample on different trigs then you get Wavestation style wave sequencing. I do this on the OP-1 all the time.


What I did on the rytm was mainly make sample chains based on the type of sample. I think there were about 60-70 kick drums all in one chain, then one for toms, snares, etc. Then I made a few out of randomly sampling from the radio while changing stations (this will work even better on Digitakt) and then my patented “rainbow chains” which are an assortment of chains that were created to lead the user towards interesting combinations of samples.

I made the rainbow chains so that they always start with a kick and a few percussion type sounds, then bass of some sort, then a mallet instrument or other sampled acoustic instrument, a couple synth hits, a few vocal snippets, noises, then random tiny slices of randomly selected movies. Every 15 samples the chain would start over with a different kick drum and samples that already sound good with it. So every 15 samples is like a mini chain (kit) within the larger chain.

I found that the combination of dedicated instrument chains (I had one that was all mallet instruments and another of all acoustic stringed instruments that were both amazing [detuned cellos make the best bass sound, btw]) and rainbow chains allowed me to work with whatever type of samples fit my mood. I think it took me 2.5 weeks to make all the sample chains and it felt like time well spent since I wrote music for years without ever loading another sample. I actually forgot how to load samples on the rytm because I’d only done it once, haha!

Of course all of that was before I knew about strom, SDS, etc. I bought the rytm the first day it was out, so back in the early days sample chains were the bees knees.

I think the Digitakt gives us even more options and I’m madly collecting single cycle waveforms atm. I’ll put a few hundred of the best ones in a pack if you guys want it.


I’ve done this with all the C1 and C4 sounds from all my SamplesFromMars libraries.

Excited to get them inside Digitakt!


Probably. People could sift through lots of forums posts and probably find it as I suspected, but the Elektron site doesn’t have any info about it. So I’m sure you’re right, whether the Digitakt is stereo, mono, or a combo of the two will be a constant theme. It should be in the Specs on the Elektron site.

love the concept of Rainbow Chains. Lol re/ patented :smiley: very cool.

I can’t seem to find it now, but I thought someone from Elektron said this wasn’t going to happen because it wouldn’t work with the ability to store and recall sounds (as in the sample and all associated settings). I could be misremembering that, but it makes sense