Introducing Digiromp


Z-Plane filters!!

Pre-order here


Noooooooo, why not Clippy? :frowning: Bob is boring.


Well played sir well played. If a link says z plane filters I’m all over it




Ooh that’s lucky, I have a HUGE 64mb one here! :laughing:


It took marketing all day to paint a Emu XL1 black and whack on an Elektron sticker?

Most of those joke specs described one of my actual synths…z plane indeed…


Please oh please can we make this :smiley:


I’ve always seen OT as like some mystery game where you have to beat levels and go up against bosses to make it do new things… :grin: Half the reason I like it so much… :rofl:


“DigiRomp sits down and starts singing about gold connectors.”


A wild Digitakt appeared!


With a creaking sound a tiny, earlier hidden, door open close to the floor on the opposite side of the cave.
The slightly offkey singing seems to have triggered an opening spell.


“DigiRomp sits down and starts singing about gold discs.”


Does it have overbridge?


Can we at least get a Quick Romp Guide? :grin:


And most importantly, is there a troll or a balrog guarding the overbridge?


No! And shame on you! :yum:


chrome feed suggested this today. I totally fell for it. please remove, as this will annoy decades of users to come.

no more april fools Eltrkon please!


Is it an April joke …a romper with an old interface standard?


I love Elektron products! I will buy everything they make, this included. Can’t wait. Credit card in hand. Take my money you evil f@&king geniuses!