Introducing Digiromp


We’re excited to announce Digiromp, a 128 track, 1024 voices ROM-based grooverack™ packing Elektron superpowers into a tried and tested format, with a historical interface and lush sound engine.

Wide in size, deep in sound. This soon-to-be legendary device will take you back into the golden era of electronic music where knobs, switches, graphical user interfaces and desk space was not in the way of creation.

Digital and proud.

An Elektron first, this machine sits neatly in your rack and boasts a historical interface with access to thousands of features, only a handful of button presses away. Navigate each menu with a breeze using a beautiful 1-line alpha numeric backlit display. With a fully fledged Elektron sequencer under the hood, rompling just became a true art form.

Digiromp key features:

  • 1024 voices
  • 24 level deep user interface
  • 128 track sequencer
  • 183929 onboard samples
  • 817290391 carefully crafted presets
  • Overbridge support (via heritage SCSI interface)
  • Expandable with eCarts for 24 extra sub menus of pure sound design bliss (available at a later date)


Not enough presets or samples for me, I’ll skip this one, it’s 2019 dude!


Bit late in the day fam


instant buy , lol when the pre-order starts…


Our … marketing department … struggled all day to come up with this beautiful copy, so the release got a bit delayed.


The f**kin’ cherry on the top right there


Literally the synth of my dreams.

Stop taking the piss and get on with spearheading the ROMpler revival.

19 inch till I die.


Haha good one :grinning:


SCSI is the future, i’m in for 2!


@Ess I see you’re still on that rompler kick, eh? :smiley:

Oh geez, those numbers :rofl:


Did I mention it ships with multi-samples of literally every single sound possible to produce from the Digitone?


nah it doesn’t make coffee !!


I can’t make any promises, but we have been looking into making an eCart for that.


Think overbridge support was a step too far.
It would’ve been very funny if v1 release actually came out today , the ultimate fake April fools.


RompLöve :joy:


1024 voices :joy:


“Only a handful of button presses way”

This post gets funnier each time I read it


more presets then samples…sure :smiley:




Is a SCSI to usb cable included?