Introducing Digiromp

Wow. I bet that helps with long mashups.


I’m beginning to fear this is just vaporware


I just got my preorder in for the mk2. Heard it comes with a 10 octave heavily weighted keyboard, and two extra presets.

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Press release just dropped:

“Preloaded with phat sounds based on Elektron’s legendary Machinedrum and Monomachine. Future and past combined. Instantly dial in thousands of classic sounds and tweak them in real-time using four dedicated front panel controls. Includes Elektron’s acclaimed digital multi mode filter and reverb effects.”

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Wide in size, deep in sound, short in button presses. Pretty much ticks all my boxes. User wave option?

actually, i’d love an ofc elektrn soundbank with the digiromp pcm waves inside :wink:

while we wait for the shipping