Introducing Digiromp


I need a TB3 to TB2 to SCSI interface now.

Is this class compliant?


Yes it is! Class of 94.


Where’s the Manual? I’m dying for more specs! :grin:


Firmware updates via Zip disk.


Working hard on the manual. It will be done by the time of release. I pinky swear…


Hmm…i’m unsure. If it would use a microphone for data transfer like the TE PO32 and a future proof storage medium like the iomega zip drive or even better a closed system that is only compatible with this device, i would buy two or three, but without those features i don’t know. 183929 samples and 817290391 preset slots are maybe not enough, it needs some storage extension for sure.

Is the SCSI only for Overbridge or does the device also support dot matrix printers? I would like to print a list with the preset names, just in case i accidentally delete one and need to contact Elektron to send me the preset.


Only available as printed version , no pdf / download forfull authentic retro vibes.
And firmware updates via swapping the rom chip


Must send postcard to Sweden. Will receive manual in 6-8 months.


I’d buy it tbh. Love a bit of rompling. And look at those polyphony specs! Will the eight tracks of sequencing on my DT be enough to control all the Orchestral Hit parts I use?


Does it have Alexa?


No, it has Microsoft Bob.


No floppy drive!? :frowning:
What am i gonna do with all my 3.5” ive been saving.


The Manual (capital M) will be delivered in form of a MUD game where you will have to seek out the different chapters that are hidden in a vast cave system littered with gruesome enemies and devilish traps! No saves! Dying will return you to the entrance.
Moahahahaaaaaaaaa!!! (evil laugh)


Like the Octatrack manual? :joy:


Yes, but with Ogres.


And the “183929 onboard samples” must be unlocked through quests and achievements completed via The Manual


I’m getting more interested in this unit… :smile:


im getting zip disc flash backs. Had a friend with a Jazz drive the envy was real :slight_smile:


No need for pesky zip discs, we have SmartMedia card storage on this baby!


We troll hard but put a preorder link and say z plane filters coming soon…you will get some bites