Introducing Analog Heat MKII


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I don’t know how to decifer these numbers. What is better and why?


Maybe the poster used the wrong term, shareholder or investor, but in either case, the point is valid: irrespective of whether the company is publicly or privately held, Elektron is more than likely pressured to sell products and increase return on investment. It’s a business.


Pleasant way of talking you


the new lvl meters on the AMP page for IN and OUT are nice and handy for having the right lvls so you can really distinct what your sound sounds. I wish ELEKTRON would implement for the MK1 the same with numbers for in and out , maybe o the same page or on a second page …


Thank you for making the most sense here. :heart_eyes:

Online fora seem to evoke the most unbridled, emotionally reactive comments due to the absence of civility checks and balances present in face-to-face conversation.


my guess is also that OB release will be soon now, as the 2/2 SOUND Interface feature will need it.


Where have they stated this? OB development is definetily R&D work so if their R&D team is doing something else, it might explain why they can’t get OB ready.

I for one think that at this point, they should put their R&D guys to work 100% on OB if they ever intend to get it out.


I think people need to stop spreading this myth that it’s somehow normal for software development to be a year late.

No, it is not normal and okay to sell something and then delay the release of it for a year.


This is great. A thread about the new Analog Heat, yet the majority of the posts are about Overbridge.


Getting upset about OB on a thread for the AH MKII is not that productive imo. To sway things back to “on-topic,” I think it would’ve been nice if they would’ve used a different colorful color for the “on” button, and made all the knobs black


Now I can get a MKI on the cheap!

This is more important than a real OT upgrade? Or a proper sequel to the Monomachine or Machinedrum?



AH1 always was a bit of a black sheep between the old mki analogs and the new DT design

looks much nicer next to the digi boxes now

and a nice statement about their ongoing support for the sound processor

still, surprised to see a mkii before we ever saw a 2nd, different, processing unit.

looking forward to seeing what’s next


I agree


I love the Analog Heat, I’m not selling it or buying the Mk2, so this doesn’t affect me. I’m not mad that they made it. They do them, while I do me :sunglasses:

I don’t think it affects OB either, it has nothing to do with OB. Like someone else mentioned, they are different departments.

But I do see why it bothers some.


I have to explain this to upper management at least once a month where I work.

“We’re not flipping burgers here.”

That’s what I tell them.


Nice one! All my mk I analogs just became ”vintage” :diddly:

I kinda like the contrast of round buttons vs. squared ones anyway - I can tell which box is analog or digital just by looking at the buttons :nyan:


What is the difference between the MKI & MKII? the way it handles mono sources? In the video review it says that mono signals on the MKI are sent to both channels, which I don’t understand as it is supposed to be a true stereo device. Unless it detects mono input and auto sends it to both channels?


Loopop says that this is the case. The new manual shows that the L input for the Mk2 is also marked as Mono.

This may or may not be an OS 1.10 improvement that could come to the AH Mk1.

EDIT: The new change log and manual for Mk1 (OS 1.10) does not discuss this so mono input splitting to two channels appears to be a hardware feature of Mk2 only (subject to confirmation by Elektron).


the mk1 was expensive, this seems even more so. those few sidegrades cant be 200 bucks in parts, they just try to rip us off even more now, you’ve lost a potential customer right there.