Introducing Analog Heat MKII


I am fully aware of those risks you’re talking about, being software developer myself for the last 10 years, however it’s still doable and it does cost a fortune to hire new staff, especially on such specialized product as OB.

And yes, new product produces income and that’s something many of us are upset about - Elektron seem to only care about generating income, releasing incomplete products and lying into their customers’ faces.

By that, I mean - “Rest assured, releasing Overbridge is our highest priority.”
Sorry to say, this is lies. I had a lot of faith in this company and haven’t complained a single bit until now, however now I feel being cheated on.


When OB is delivered, the same people complaining here are simply going to chase another techno-unicorn.


April 2019 - Digitone MK2 (even better OLED and portamento. Price 899)


And please don’t get me wrong - Digitakt is an amazing product, even though buggy as hell and I could live without OB for quite some time, but what I really care about is businesses like this cheating on their customers.


Word on the streets is that there is a hidden Easter egg in AH mkii.


I do think it’s their highest priority. Releasing AH mkii has no influence on the development of OB. Hiring new devs costs money and a lot of time to get them up to speed. It will slow down the release probably in stead of speeding it up. Better yet, I think they actually did higher new devs about a year or so ago.

The whole notion that it should be impossible to release a pretty minor hardware update of a machine because of OB is absurd to me.


The first place I see advertising the AH MKII is Sweetwater for $799. The AH MKI is currently selling for $759. Check out how much nicer that display looks :sunglasses:


Buggy as hell? 1.08 has been completely stable here…
I don’t know why this exegeration is needed. Ah well. Time to move on with my day :slight_smile:

Cheers and good evening


You’re missing several editions. :stuck_out_tongue:


Consolidation on BOMs is a good idea. There’s nothing at all saying anyone with a MkI should get rid of it. If you’re that OCD, then yes, buy the new one to make the aesthetic match. I myself have been known to do that. Just because they updated it a bit, doesn’t automatically make the old one stop working, or working any less well than it already did.

The new one looks pretty nice really, and I’m sure it took roughly 0% away from any work being done on Overbridge.

It’s not like the UI / Industrial design guys do DSP and C code in their spare time most likely.

Everyone should use some logical thought a little bit, and realize this. I’m not saying this because Elektron said it. I’m saying it because that’s how production teams work.


Nice! Love the fact they updated the screen and buttons. The new display UI makes it much more functional for live performance artists as you can quickly see whats happening. I think studio use folks that have the MK1 will probably not need the upgrade.

but also - ugh… the entitlement attitude of many electronic music makers is so gross. It’s like sitting in a class full of 3rd graders with their bottom lip popping out saying “thats not fair, i want my OB”


I didn’t say they didn’t fix it eventually, but fact is, initial release was buggy as hell:)

Anyway, you might be right that this release doesn’t influence OB development in any way, however I don’t believe you don’t understand lots of angry customers who were promised OB half a year ago and now seeing new product being released makes many of them being furious about it.

Thanks for your point of view though and have a nice evening:)


I’m just wishing they had waited till the end winter, or at least a time when the heat isn’t actively trying to kill me…


People are free to be angry if they like. If their purchase hinged on OB support, then I can see that.

Shit happens with software development though. Happens across the whole industry from OSes, to games, to drivers, to productivity software. Delays (sometimes HUGE ones) are a reality of software development. I’m sure Elektron had every intention of pushing OB out in the timeframe they intended. The argument is getting old now, but I still do understand a certain portion of buyers being a bit pissed.

It’s hardly relevant to other topics, (like this one) though. Sure, complain all you want in the Overbridge topics. There, it’s relevant. However, in just about every topic about anything new, someone has to bring up OB, and I just don’t see why. Just keep it to the places it actually has some relevance is my only suggestion.

Aside from that, OB integration isn’t the end-all of music creation. The hardware itself is still pretty amazing, and quite usable without it.

I get the complaints (from that point of view) I just don’t think they belong in every single thread.


Remember the old video for the original Heat, with the fire and the guys sweating and the piano keys blistering from the flames!

Just keep well hydrated Ryan – the feeling will pass. :rofl:


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I don’t know how to decifer these numbers. What is better and why?


Maybe the poster used the wrong term, shareholder or investor, but in either case, the point is valid: irrespective of whether the company is publicly or privately held, Elektron is more than likely pressured to sell products and increase return on investment. It’s a business.


Pleasant way of talking you


the new lvl meters on the AMP page for IN and OUT are nice and handy for having the right lvls so you can really distinct what your sound sounds. I wish ELEKTRON would implement for the MK1 the same with numbers for in and out , maybe o the same page or on a second page …