Introducing Analog Heat MKII


Plot twist: Numark has secretly acquired Elektron. Soon all Elektron devices will be midi controllers only, haha.


That’s a $40 difference. What kind of sensational math are you using to come up with that $200 figure?


umm no, my OT is mk II so square buttons

IIRC there was also something in recent elektron’s email about square/circle (analog/digital). Funny that


Pidgeo up top stated “€200 more expensive than mk1?”

Asking a question.

Then people started posting “what, $200 more?!!? That’s crazy”

This is how rumors get started! People not listening or reading what’s really being said. Just hearing & seeing what they want.


Well came here to see the chaos and I certainly got it :joy: but more seriously this is just part of the process of them moving over to new components for all there products… how much time could this have possibly taken from overbridge if the same people were working on both. It does make me worry a bit about the potential repairs on the old units going forward hopefully they have some production set on the old stuff to keep people repairing going forwards. Does elektron still repair monomachine and machinedrum?


ive been to their place in LA and i’m betting they kept a hefty supply of older parts to continue to service any mk1 for a while. They build in predictive analytics to estimate supply on manufacturing and servicing units for years… that is until you get the “we no longer support X” email.


mk1 €651 on .
mk2 €830 on

prints is referring to the US dollar price which is ex vat.


A comment on the Facebook posts mention that a part within the mk 1 was being End of Lined (aka no longer produced). That caused a necessity to spin an updated product. I would have called it a rev b, but the OLED screen makes it a bit more obvious, so probably hence the mk2 designation.


you think they gonna still make updates for MK1 ?



Didn’t have this big fuss when the Machinedrum MKII came out… in fact, everyone thought it was great! Think we’re more spoiled and demanding these days…


no kiddin, got my account put on hold too.
apparently this forum has strict rules but for the record i wasnt being mean towards you.
when i see nonsense i am prone to calling it out. my language was amicable actually.

but as to why i replied to your post directly:
turning a simple MKII update to bring it in line with other products and have the same components, into some problem with capitalism, especially where the comment is 0 fact based is really detrimental to any critique you want to make and makes the discussion here murky. as a fellow capitalist critic, it undermines our point if you are unaware of any facts and it just gives fodder to the other side.


no man its not.
there are no investors and no shareholders, thats what privately owned means.
and please dont play semantics: we are all pressured to perform in our day to day lives. that is the system.
look, the subject has been discussed i see by some clever people here, apparently this is not an finance thing “we needz revenuez, cash moneyz, quick new product” but more of a logistical one. ofcourse everything boils down to money but that is beside the point.

turning this into a halfbaked anticapitalist discussion is a disservice to everyone because it just is not based in reality. i am kind of amused that mods will let any such bull fly but my f-words will get stamped out.


Overhub MKII

A USB hub tailored for Overbridge 2.0

Overhub MKII is the ideal USB hub solution for Overbridge 2.0 enabled units* Connect up to 7 units to a single host computer for maximum productivity.

Lime green font brings this inline with the colour scheme of modern Electron displays!

A USB hub for a future studio, * sometime between soon and infinity
Naturally, Overhub MKII is fully compatible with all USB peripherals. And it works in the most convenient manner too as operation is completely driverless.

Clever tech
Multi TT technology ensures ultimate USB data transfer performance. Every bit in its right place, at the right time. Overhub MKII is a top performer.

In­cluded in the box:
1 × Overhub 2.0 Multiple Transaction Translator USB 3.0 Hub
1 × USB 2.0 A to Micro-B Connector Cable
1 × USB 3.0 A to Micro-B Connector Cable
4 × Four rubber feet
1 × User manual
2 x crossed fingers


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Thank you for saving me the trouble. :beers:


I wasn’t offended really but it did seem a little aggressive.

Anyhow it is true that I did not take the fact, about the new line of products and the new components, into account. When I first saw the announcement it was the first thing I felt. As do alot of people here as well.
I think that in itself is a big problem for Elektron. Because of past issues with the new products, overbridge and the general communication around them, they have created this feeling among there consumers. That it’s all about the numbers and not about making what they offer now, better. That it isn’t about innovation anymore. Which ofcourse isn’t completely true. I would love to have a digitone and will have one one day and will absolutely love it to dead as I love my mono, md, ak and octa. It was made with love even though it doesn’t have this or that.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an issue with the very frantic follow up of releasing in only two years. It feels off. And because of this the Mk 2 looks like a paintjob and repackaging to sell the product at a higher(former) price. I think it’s a dangerous move and peoples reaction speak volumes.