Introducing Analog Heat MKII

I meant this post

Analog Keys Mk2 tomorrow.


Meh, l’ll wait for the MK3 at Christmas time


Cool. No need to upgrade although I’d love a 3rd green oled in my livesetup :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows if I ever have money to burn…

Sad to see there’s so much negativity lately on Elektronauts… Don’t let this become a second gs people.


Yea the only Mk2 in the history of Elektron many are waiting for is the Analog Keys Mk2 IMHO


That’s new machines, this is a mkii upgrade and they had an ongoing evolving timeline of machines often with various prices and you could easily warrant owning multiple machines. This is an effects box with basic upgrades after just two years.

I personally feel that’s a short life cycle

This Salty air is getting boring


Yes having opinions about things is salty indeed…

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The technology around smartphones was greatly advancing each year though admittedly it’s slowed down but they need to develop along with computer and microchip technology. Music production gear doesn’t as much as you can see decades old gear still being used today. It doesn’t have to necessarily keep up with yearly tech trends. Also they work independently whereas phones work alongside networks, video formats, streaming etc and may need upgraded to work with what networks currently offer.

I also think phone upgrades are often minimal and not needed but people love a shiny new phone lol

i know many people who could warrant owning more than one analog heat. Yes the upgrades are basic, but I was just using the MPC example as justification for 2 years not being uncommon for a product life cycle.

I think if you look at the bigger picture, you can still acquire a very similar machine for a heavy discount and if you are a new owner of digitakt/digitone or mk2 units and want uniformity between UI components that it might be worth paying extra for the new unit.

I don’t see why people are dogging elektron for this, they’re giving you more options and making their design more consistent across their product line.

Y’all who can’t keep it in your pants when something new comes out can sell your older units at a nice discount for those who don’t own a heat, and for new customers they are offered something that is up to date with the rest of their product line


^ This with a cherry on top


I don’t really see the issue here. It’s just an upgrade to standardise all their products across the board. Sure it would’ve been nice to have an extra feature thrown in, but it’s already a great product. The price has gone up as well, but this will drop back down if you’re willing to wait. Also, I don’t think this had anything to do with overbridge being delayed as it’s already been said that there is a separate team working on that. People just want something to complain about. Nobody’s forcing you to buy it.


All Elektron employee’s drop what you are working on and learn the art of completion. You have a backlog of unfinished work, yet you keep making more products to never finish. Its getting rude.

You need to take more resposibility raising the children you have already birthed, so they all grow up making possitive contributions to the world…at the moment you are the equivalent of a mother who continualy gets pregnant then palms her kids off to others, but just keeps knocking out kids with no sence of consequences…its called family planning and even idiots can do it…

Stop rudding and feed the kids you already have.


So when the overbridge team is independent from R&D who is making it then? Marketing? :wink:

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Exactly. Thas why I bought MK I version.

I didn’t know that mk1 has this option. Can you record audio in Ableton/Logic after analog heat processing? So it can be nice option to record sets if all my devices go to analog heat.

My babies making lots of contributions to the world no OB required. Some of us need help, others buy an interface and learn how to multi track :slight_smile: :purple_heart:


You guys are crazy. I already pointed this out in the original Analog Heat thread; Elektron was producing 6 products, and the Analog Heat was the only one without an OLED display. Did you seriously think they’d just keep on sourcing inferior parts for that display indefinitely rather than implementing the OLED display used for the DT/DN? That would make no sense.


hehe maybe I chose the wrong term (not an english native speaker, sorry)
what I meant is they’ve stated that the Overbridge team is completely independent from other projects (ie. AH MKII)

plus it’s not like they’ve developed a new project from scratch… they just changed some parts and a few graphics, features seem the same as MKI afaik

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Hell yeaaaaah, new filter modes for the DT ! I was really waiting for this update…

Wait… Oh, nevermind…