Introducing Analog Heat MKII

Wasn’t that always a feature of the Mk1?

It’s gonna be great if/when we find out they upgraded something more that was the whole reason of overbridge delay.

This is the most confused company ever…


Old Model -> New Model

Audio Inputs
Audio Input Level: +22dBu Peak -> +19 dBu peak
Audio Input Impedance: 39kΩ -> 39 kΩ

Audio Outputs
Headphone Output Level: +22dBu Peak -> +19 dBu peak
Headphone Output Impedance: 55 Ohms -> 36 Ω
Balanced Output Impedance: +22dBu Peak -> +19 dBu peak
Main Output Impedance: 440 Ohms, Unbalanced -> 440 Ω unbalanced


I must say, i always imagined an mk2 Heat would have like 2 or 3 stereo in’s, then overbridge to multitrack em. that would be sick. perhaps its not feasable though.


This sucks, not really needed with the original being a quality and not exactly aging product in dire need of an update

as an owner of the original feels like I’ve bought a product already replaced and only had it little more than a year. And I own a digitakt I’m still waiting on overbridge which is a main feature that I bought it for and they’ve time to update the heat but not come through on listed features on an existing product

Poor show


That is the issue. It feels like the shareholders are on their backs and they have release just to make ridiculous profit margins. It’s sad that companies always have to face this horrible reality that is capitalism.


OverHub MKII when?


I really hope its not the case, and i feel for the Elektron team if it is.

Only 870 Euros? This is a bargain, I’ll grab 4 of these bad boys!


Just thinking this is weird. No added functionality right? Cosmetic upgrade only? I love my Digitone and Digitakt and I especially love my RYTM (best ever drum machine in my opinion), but why put out MK 2 products that have no added functionality (or very limited extra functionality)?
Hey Elektron - get back to innovating.

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inputs must be the most expensive thing in Sweden


Me too but I’m afraid we are already there. All the mk2 upgrades had that feel. But this really takes the cake. It’s 2 years old…



2 years is pretty pathetic on a product cycle. Especially music tech


i don’t think 2 years is so bad. i know it’s not the same but the MPC retail price is still much more, so imagine how some MPC owners felt :slight_smile:


why is no compressor incluced? that would be a awesom mk2 for me …


That might be true but it doesn’t mean elektron should go down that road.

Those are not upgrades or mkii.

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I wonder what you think about smart phones then, with a new one coming out every year? Or CPU manufacturers with new chips out every six months!

To me, this update seem to be largely cosmetic / aesthetic, to make the Heat match their current design language (especially for the “small” boxes). I’m a little bummed because I bought a mk I in April. It’s a great device and sounds so awesome. However, coming to that after using the Digitakt, the two things I would’ve wanted were that OLED screen and those encoders. Hat’s off to Elektron for pulling this off. I can’t quite take the hit that would come from selling my near new mk I to get this mk II, but it’s about the sound, right? Heat does amazing things, and I love it.


Oops wrong qoute