Introducing Analog Heat MKII


new screen is definitely a welcome upgrade. I was planning to buy second Heat and probably will do so. Especially when the prizes for the second hand mk1 units will continue to decline. Should I buy the mk2? Hmm, not so sure. Maybe, if it will integrate the MIDI interface functionality. I would also loved to see the increased amount of input connections for some line-mixing duties. Well, maybe next time. Anyways, well done Elektron, it looks nice and sound awesome.


It’s not a myth at all. It’s the way it is. Whether or not you think it’s ok, that IS how it works. Not universally I’ll grant you, but generally speaking it very much is par for the course. Even a company that is normally on time with releases, will occasionally need to rework something, or scrap and restart a product. It is how these things go. You obviously haven’t worked in these fields. I’ve worked at many VERY large and prominent software, hardware, and game companies, and this stuff happens A LOT.

The smart companies (take id Software as an example) will explicitly say from first announcement, “It will ship when it’s ready.” Because they know damn well that it could take longer than they think.

Unless you’re writing a very small, very specific, one function program, things get very complicated very quickly. Especially when you’re dealing with multiple hardware vendors, multiple software layers, APIs, Windows, Mac OS, etc. Something that SHOULD work very well might not for the most asinine of reasons, and it may not even be YOUR software that’s the problem. Trying to get MS or Apple to make a change or fix for something that doesn’t quite work right, and is part of a specification, can take a long time, if it EVER gets fixed at all.

Some people will work around this. Sometimes it’s not possible. Sometimes your software works on 80% of hardware, but you know the 20% that it doesn’t is going to cause a HUGE stink, so you delay it, so you can try to fix at least the 15% of that.

Calling software delays a myth, is among the silliest things I’ve ever heard.


I always wondered why the Heat screen was so bad. It had terrible viewing angles. It seemed worse than the the previous Electron units. And then Digitakt came out just a few month later with a snazzy new screen. And then the AR and AF mkII line came out with totally different form factor. Seems they went through a very chaotic stage of rapidly changing aesthetics.


Software delays are not a myth, but calling delays acceptable or ”the way the business works” is. If a project does not meet it’s schedule, it’s a failure.


The main logo needs to be on an OLED :wink:


Please keep this discussion on the topic of Analog Heat MKII.


That´s like buying a car…and after you bought it, the car company releases a newer model with new chome parts and updated nav system. No reason to be sad. The Mk1 is still great! And brings you from a to b.


Re: the “$200” difference - the increase in Elektron’s own MSRP pricing is an extra $40, regardless of what the resellers are doing (which is discounting the old product and not the new one, as you’d expect). The Mk1 was $779 and the Mk2 is now $819.


I think it makes sense to give the AH a makeover to match the current line up, I don’t see what the problem is, personally I’m happy with my mkI, the look and performance, the new version hasn’t changed that. I also don’t think the Heat is particularly expensive compared to other character boxes, is it?


Hey, at least it comes with a power supply! (I’m looking at you, Karakter 500)


thanks, guess their wiki needs updating aswell.
all besides the point that elektron released AH MKII because it needed to appease some higher ups, like i said.

the MKII line altogether, now that is a different discussion entirely,.


This a thousand time! I don’t get why everybody wants even the janitor at Elektron to work on Overbridge. I’m sure they have a team assigned to that, and other teams working on different stuff.

This seems like a screen update they felt they can easily knock out.


^ Pretty much.


They appeased me too. I was waiting for this update to get an AH again. Their “evil” strategy of giving the AH an OLED display with updated graphics has destroyed the fabric of society as we know it.


I understand that. It’s exactly as I stated. You mentioned up top “€200 more expensive than mk1?” JUST ASKING A QUESTION NOT EVEN USING A DOLLAR SIGN, then after that all these posts came in stating $200 more.

& are these prices everyone is quoting with the $200 difference from the same store? I’ve seen things priced $500 difference from different stores…if it’s from different stores that’s not a fair comparison.

& if it’s only a $40 difference in the states (selling from the same store) why is it $200 difference in other countries (from the same store, again, if it’s from a different store you can’t really compare it).



Apparently the above cannot be posted as it isn’t a full sentence, so I’m adding this :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m just going to say this for the second or third time: Elektron hasn’t done anything factually wrong here. They’ve updated a product for the better and to respond to a change in part availability. Nobody on this forum has any right to complain about price (or else you’d be slumming on some dawless Volca instagram incompetence incubator).

What Elektron hasn’t done is consider:

  1. What engineering considers a MKII isn’t what customers consider a MKII.
  2. The update was communicated poorly at a time when customers are concerned about some other thing.

These are not engineering issues, they’re not marketing issues, they’re product management issues. I work in a team that does multiple parallel monthly software releases and 100% of the time I want to release something I need to ask my counterparts “if we release it is this going to shoot you in the foot in any possible way?” If the answer is “yes” we amicably delay our launch and let the other team go first. gg no re ez pz


For that matter, the job of the product manager is to explain to marketing how to position and communicate a change that affects a) potential customers and b) existing customers. The latter of the two was clearly not done.


Well Silver didn’t fit in with the joke (quote from movie airplane).


Bad news for people who already decided to sell their MKI ? Not even sure. 2nd hand OT MKI prices didn’t change much after MKII released. Good news for new buyers. Lower price, or new screen matching other Digis.

Orange screen is great, perfect next to MD red one. :slight_smile:

My vintage OT MKI is analog, not yours ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My only MKII