Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


A4 MKII is arriving in stores next month (potentially in just 2 or 3 weeks) and there are still no sound clips, videos etc. :frowning:

I thought Elektron would be creating a buzz (pun intended) by now. I pre-ordered but still want to hear it now to keep the anticipation going.


Even the octatrack mk II is not available for preorder yet… I am guessing the mk II launches will be delayed by 1-3 months, hang in there


Really? Is there a trend of delays historically? Even so, at this close stage I’m surprised there are none in the wild for official demos or promo.


I think there’s few Holliday days left… i’m sure we are going to have news for the launch very soon
on Thomann Octatrack MKII is declared as Available rapidly in 2/5 days, and Analog Four mkII 29.09 (End of September) for me it make sense with Availability on

Now for demos or promo, if it make sense for Analog Four mkII and more for Analog Rytm mkII… As OT mkII is more an enhancements of physical parts… there’s not really needs of demos and promo. But i’m sure something like that will occur at some point.


I can’t stop thinking about an AR with the DT’s sampling capabilities. IF you contrast the DT to the AR…

The DT has…
midi sequencing
small form
roughly half the price

The AR MKII has…
DT sampling
Performance control with both performance & scenes
synth engines

My point is simply wow.
I’m wondering if editing existing samples will also be the same on the AR MKII as it is on the DT. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the AR simply divides an audio sample up into 120 even selections, while the DT uses time.

…Huh… AR uses space – DT uses time. :3lektron: :3lektron: :3lektron:


DT divides the same amount of space, but at higher resolution than AR MK1. So instead of 1, 2, 5, 17, 120… It can do 1.01, 2.67, 5.00, 17.81, and 119.97, etc.

It isn’t based on time.

Sorry, would have been a great analog, though :wink:

If ARMK2 adopts this level of resolution, and hopefully DT’s waveform view, it will indeed be a big improvement.

But don’t forget, used ARMK1 + DT is about the same price as a new ARMK2. And the pair gives you all of the above, but with 18 audio tracks.


Anyone notice that the SYN button has been replaced with a SRC button. If this isn’t a mistake it would appear that your two voice combinations are:
[ ] Synth & Sample
[ ] SAMPLE & Sample

Also the FX button above the pads has been moved right and replaced by FIX. Anyone know anything?


Hate to say it but I kind of find these MKII units a bit ugly, reminds me of my Alesis HR15 which in turn looks like some space age 80s calculator.


“SRC” might be the new nomenclature for the AR (and maybe MD MKIII???) Considering it has several drum-models (“machines”) and a sample-based layer of the voice, it probably wasn’t accurate to call that section “synth,” anymore. To prevent confusion, sampling is now on the “SMPL” page.


Irony is thick.

The OT & Analog MK1 design is a bite of Deiter Rams Braun design from 1961. He also did a few calculators!


Braun used to be king in human centered design. Also the well known “design thinking” comes from them.

I like the new design. Especially because they made everything more direct to acccess.

Sorry to say…
I am on a super clean camping in Holland right now. When sitting on a toilet 10 minutes ago, i was amazed about how clean it was… i looked around and saw everything was made in such a way that it was:
Super easy to clean
Super pleasant to use
And it looks very good because good materials are used…

Design is the basis of good results, i think


I do like the Deiter Rams Braun design. I think I may have thought my Machine Drum was a bit spartan and “utilitarian” when I first purchased it ages ago, but of course it was all about the sound. :slight_smile:


The new MKII design gives me also a Kling Klang studio feel from Kraftwerk. I like that a lot!


God, the MKIIs are ugly.



Hi everyone.
I’m 48 years old ,3 kids etc and since going teetotal 5 years go ,have been able to get away with buying various gear ,pretty much unchallenged by the wife.In the search for the right workflow/kit I’ve tried a maschine studio , Arturia spark and recently an Mpc live .Ive still got my Pioneer toraiz which is going on eBay ,pioneer need shooting for releasing with shite firmware, and so I didnt get on with any of them.Stumbled upon the elektron gear about 8 weeks ago and have been watching dataline and cuckoo vids of the mk1 stuff.The analogue rytm is the maschine for me and I’ve been desperate to get my hands on one,but then the mk2 s were announced,so I’d be stupid to not hold out for one.Ive been on elektronaughts reading up on the forums and stuff and get a good feeling about getting into this gear.There seems to be so much problem solving going on ,which gives me confidence that my quest is over.
Looking forward to getting a rytm soon upon release,does anyone have any intelligence of first stores to get stock??



I have been reading reports here that MKII units are delayed until next January 2018. This information is false. I emailed Elektron to confirm this and I have just received the following response:

Please don’t spreading false rumors.

Rumor: A4 MKII incoming

usually you need to preorder… otherwise you are too late and have to wait another few months to get the drum computer

I come from Maschine… can’t touch it… had one for free a couple of months ago, but didn’t want it
I love the Rytm, best thing ever! Only missed sampling, so sold and got digitakt (also amazing)
now I preordered Rytk MK2… looking forward.


awesome :slight_smile:

original iPod designer is greatly inspired by this maestro


since I use elektron, they are always too late
now there is still no octatrack 2
it was expected last week… I think