Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


IIRC someone from elektron said this is impossible since there is no “driver support” on iOS. Only way for this to ever be even possible would be for elektron giving Apple some cash and coming up with their own “Overbridge lightning cable”


I am no expert about if it’s technical possible to get Overbridge on iOS.

But if i look what Overbridge does i see other brands doing this like:
As audio interface:
and for controlling:

It seems Sound Devices did something clever on the USB part normal USB and USB-C

Overbridge on iOS will be more and more important in the future and it’s inevitable at some point the way things evolve.

      Rytm MK2...   the only gripes I had with my beloved  MK1 have been remedied, screen, pads and sampling

Now let’s hope these bigger pads are waaay better then those pathetic little ones lol If we are now able to properly finger drum then look out !!
There hasn’t been much information at all about the new pads other than that they’re bigger. You have to imagine they will be a lot more refined after all the complaints about the littles
A4 MK2… I’ve got an AK so not a real need, but the OLED screen makes it very tempting to have as well…
Would be awesome to see a new AK decked out in the new styles !


Agreed. Would love to see an AK MKII as well.

  1. Screen upgrade.
  2. CV/ Expression inputs.
  3. Hi res encoders. (I NEED the increased resolution from the takt’s delay time… Seriously.)
  4. Very excited by this revised overdrive circuit.


I only have/had one feature request for an A4 MK II, and that’s a better set of presets included. 70% of what’s on the A4 is garbage, 20% is not garbage but too dated or weird to be usable, and 10% is weird dated pseudo-chord sounds designed to cover for the device’s lack of polyphony at launch back in 1997 when everyone wore tracksuits and lots of zippers.

“But sound design blah blah blah tweaking parameters trigless locks blah blah blah.” NO! I use the A4 so that I can quickly dial in a workable sound that will help me understand where my track is heading. I have a eurorack system when I want to spend hours tweaking a sound. The A4 should at least bridge the worlds with a set of usable, reasonably modern sounds.

The soundpacks are dreadful too.


Presets can never be anything but dated.


There are members of this forum that sell patches for the A4, why don’t you purchase one through them?

Personally, I thought half of the playing of a synth was designing patches. Like getting mad at a guitar company when you have to tune/change the strings. Why do you even have a eurorack system if you have a displeasure of sound design?


If you don’t like what is provided why not create your own sounds on the A4 rather than tweaking the eurorack?

This is a strange complaint because owning an Elektron is all about creativity. Why would you want to limit yourself to only what someone else has already done?

Yeah your right, just grab and go, but that means you must have the wrong equipment.

Just my opinion.


Read my post again. I said “I use the A4 so that I can quickly dial in a workable sound that will help me understand where my track is heading.” I clearly don’t have a distate for sound design, I have a need for usable presets I can later tweak, re-record, or replace.


Some are clearly a bit more timeless than what’s on banks A and B of an A4. They’re two of the worst banks I’ve ever heard.


Please re-read my post. I said I depend on the A4 to quickly dial in a sound that will help me scaffold a track. I should have been clearer that I modify most things or replace them. I figured my allusion to my euro system did the heavy lifting as far as explaining that I don’t mind sound design, but that’s not what I need a synth with many, many, banks for presets to take care of for me.


The second you said that I thought to myself… “…he never heard Blofeld’s stock banks”.


I’m sure Komplete + Omnisphere is a better use of $1500 in this case.


Is there even a synth that’s known for its presets? Maybe the iM1? I thought most synths don’t even have any presets or storage and you just gotta craft your sound from scratch every time?


Soundpacks sound like crap? I beg to differ… there are quite a few good sounding FREE soundpacks on the last time I checked. Guess these things are subjective.

I’m also a bit puzzled that you prefer to use modulars for your sound design, especially since there is usually very little recall available on them, as opposed to the A4 where you have total recall of everything all the time…?

PS I dont recall 97 looking like tracksuits… 91 maybe :diddly:


Smells like :troll: spirit…

Simplest way to get presets that sound exactly the way you want is to spend time on the beast to craft them, that’s for sure.

Now as bad as actual presets may be judged, I learned a lot by retro engineering them.
Performance macros for instance were totally changing the sound, while on other patches the modulation wheel would be used as a secret weapon!
Even presets on this machine take time to learn: A4 is in no way an immediate synth, but might be the one embedding the biggest amount of discoveries :wink:


What I have learnt is to never ever judge a synth by its presets
The INIT preset is always the best


I need to go through my A4 and delete all of the special effect presets. Those ones just get on my nerves when I’m scrolling through the sound browser.


Do you ever filter by tags when scrolling?
Great way to get closer to what you seek.


I try not to, only because sometimes I stumble across a random sound that I wouldn’t have thought would work in that instance.