Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII


I can’t fault them for that, personally. I always give optimistic time estimates and arrive a few weeks late to any social plans I have


i’m currently making wardrobe choices for the university graduation ceremony except that was over ten years ago


I am fine with that too
Just try to explain


what’s the best store to preorder from in the US? I haven’t had amazing success with sweetwater preorders in the past, but maybe that’s just the way it is


My opinion is the best place to pre-order Elektron stuff in the US is direct from Elektron. Past experience is you are at the front of the queue ahead of any retailer. Just hop on it as soon as Elektron lists them for sale on their site.


Well done redonyellow !!!


Cool, thanks. So I take it everyone that is saying they’ve preordered have done so through third-parties like sweetwater? since none of the mkII’s have pre-orders on the elektron site yet?


Unless you know somebody at Elektron – yes. It is possible that Elektron will change their past patterns. Often when a manufacturer gets to a certain size they decide to not compete with their customers. So who knows for sure. If you want to back two (or three) horses and then go with the winner and quickly! cancel the other(s).

I would like to hear if anyone disagrees with this.


Rytm MK II. Sorry if it is a repeat question but is there any real improvement over the MK I aside from sampling capability. Is the engine and effects/filters any different?

Sampling would be cool and a fun luxury but it’s not an essential thing for me. Does it allow for samples in stereo or like MK1 mono only?

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I think sampling is the only real performance upgrade, maybe the encoders too. I believe it’s still built for mono samples(though if you have a Mac computer/system you can use @void s sds drop and that rigs it for stereo samples(it does take two voices of the machine to do this, though))


Anyone here pre-ordered Rytm MKII? If so, I am curious to know why, what was your reasoning? How are you going to use it with your current setup (now that DT is out for a while)?


yeh my friend,ordered a few days ago fromDAWSONS uk,they have late sept delivery,but I’m not holding my breath.
Reckon its gonna be more loke beginning of NOV knowing my luck.


I did
I love it to work with one machine only, at least for the basis (mail elements) of a track…
Always enjoyed the mk1, But didnt like the sample implementation…
So I focus on synth… sounded too much too rytm all the time…

Since i use Digitakt, I start to love sampling… opens up my entire sound. … especially with single cycle waveforms, also with things I record from fm radio, spotify, vinyl Or YouTube… even sampling from synth tutorial is Nice… brings me everywhere…

Now I wanna go for Digitakt on steroïdes…
With synth engines; song mode, perf and scène, and direct jump, Analog filters, Analog voices…

Really looking forward
Hope I fan ditch both Digitakt and heat after buying…
But I am afraid the compressor and distortion dont win from heat…


I think they look pretty good, though I’d prefer that they all have the color scheme of the OT2.


Weird. I have an AR2 on preorder through Sweetwater and was told they would start arriving sometime in October.




Actually… Since writing this I’ve found a semi-usable soundpack for the A4: 1991 on the Elektron site. The Mini FM pack is very small but quite workable also.

My eurorack is partially disassembled at the moment so I’ve actually been using the A4 in more depth than previously. It is wonderfully deep and capable of sounds that aren’t weird FX but aren’t exactly traditional either. I feel there ought to have been a way to highlight this to potential customers (and impulse buyers who are deciding whether to keep or sell).

I feel that replacing the presets, organizing them differently, and providing more support in the form of first-party sound design tutorials (for usable, musical purposes) using a set of well-curated presets as a jumping-off point would help drive retention.

This machine is truly a marvel, I don’t think it gets the respect it deserves because people start making assumptions about the sound it makes based on what it does the moment you switch it on for the first time.

I’m roughly half done another EP of music. Every time I take the A4 seriously (due to some other gear constraint) something good happens.

Sounds great with my newly-acquired Heat too.


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My distributer says:
Rytm mk2 is expected at the first week of december
According to information that comes from elektron.


havent pre-ordered and wont order it at all. DT showed me what i always missed :slight_smile: Never really liked the Sound of the analog Engines from the Rytm either; just not contemporary enough for my taste. Still interested in its new Performance Features though (Quick Perf Controls). Switching back and forth between Mute and Perf-Mode was yet another letdown on the Rytm for me.