Impressed by Heat but damn it's expensive


you know which youtube video you found the lvl matching ?


Did you get that coupon i the mail?


I’m my email some sorta promotion for GCs Sweetwater Customer Sales Specialist method.

They’ve been very stingy on the 20% coupons, so when this offer came around, I was VERY happy that I was able to take advantage of it.

Btw, good thing about the Heat if the second hand market gets saturated now that I own one, there’s a legitimate case to be made for getting a second one:
One for drums and one for mastering.


I have an Avalon Bassline going through it at the moment and it’s really sweet - massive acid potential :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to try it with various things. I don’t know how well I’ll like it as I normally enjoy chill sounding things. But when I tried it with the drumbrute at some store I felt so excited and I just know percussion going thru that is going to sound EPIC!

Through maybe send some Korg gadget or grain science or iDensity or even just run some field recordings thru that!

I can’t think about it though! I’m going out of town tonight and it’s arriving tomorrow so I won’t be able to play with it until Sunday :open_mouth:


Sorry mate, I just had a look but I can’t remember which video it was. I feel like the moment in the video I saw was rather innocuous within the moment of setting the heat up but it just made something click in the back of my mind. It made me realize how crucial this one small step is to how it works overall.

I think initially I was mistaking the input settings for the stage at which one would level match the input and output but that isn’t the case.


Elektron’s clowning. Just updated my OS and got OB working in Ableton.

This sh*t’s gnarly.


There’s a new OS update for the Heat??


Mac OS. Old Mac OS = OB failure


New mac, also Ob problems


Actually good idea to buy a second. I want a second unit to use on Akai MPC-X permanently setup.


It still doesn’t seem the case…Very few second hand AH in France, that’s sure.
No sales or people keep it ? :sketchy:


These days I don’t feel like I need most FXs as hardware. Heat sounds good. But I’ve got enough plugins that get me 80-90% of the way there depending on what I’m after. If you wanted for live or just HAVE to have hardware… <3



I always wanted a 2nd Heat so I splashed out for the Analog Drive from Juno, it’s only 165 euros there. If you can deal with having it mono it’s a steal, some Vst distortions cost more.


I have never seen a second hand AH in the states, definitely not in WA. I won’t be selling mine.


What’s the difference bt drive and heat beyond mono?

Also, Are all functions available through midi?


so many differences, check the specs on the product pages at


Even 2 Drive won’t make a Heat. Filter, Lfo, and especially envelope follower make it much more interesting.


I don’t think there’s even MIDI on the Drive. A Drive is just bare bones distortion sound without the sonic control of the heat. No OB and no Stereo.


The picture shows midi.
The deive is pretty cheap right now but the heat is still outta budget currently.

I’ll read the manuals later