Impressed by Heat but damn it's expensive



All settings are fully controllable via MIDI and it can even send MIDI program change messages.


This has probably been asked umpteen times - when using Heat as a soundcard to the midi’s work as I/O’s? Not a deal breaker, but certainly still curious about this one.



@Muddler: The Heat is more like 3 things in one with all of it’s other features, basically it’s a synthvoice without the oscillator and the Drive is just a plain distortion box with a few different distortion circuits then Heat and has very basic midi control.

I’m looking forward to distortion madness when I’ll have with both boxes :smiley:

Edit; Forgot one thing, judging from the demos at least the Drive can get more brutal with the distortion which is my only gripe with Heat. I wish it could go a little more nuts with it’s distortion circuits.


That said I ordered a second hand Analog Drive.
4 times cheaper.
The poor guitarist part of me won.
He wants a multi fx with preamp / amp / cab sim too. :zonked:

I already see GAS coming :
Another AD for stereo, AH then.
And OTO Boum or another AH, because I want overdrive after AH’s filter. :loopy:


I want one so bad. Or Sherman filterbank which is even more :frowning: I could really use a drive, but for now I have to rely on plug ins


I got one of these today, to use alongside the AH.


@Artsutanov How are you liking the fusionbox so far ? Been drooling over it for quite awhile now will probably make it my next purchase :smiley:


I’ve not had a chance to use it yet.

Hopefully later tonight and i’ll report back.


@Artsutanov Ok man hope you get some quality time with your new toy, judging from the demos it’s quite special.


Please tell us, what you think)))
Wanna buy it too


I won’t get to use it until tonight.

I’ll let you know my thoughts then.


100% worth it. My Machinedrum and Monomachine got a whole new life with this. Stereo filter is awesome. I’ve had a Mutator and I love the AH way more. The “analog” part really lives up to its name. Recently I’ve been running drum beats and synth line together through the high gain distortion and stereo-LFO’d-filter and the results are fantastic. There’s a beautiful dynamic interaction between the drum and synth sounds mashed together by the distortion. Of course there are limits to it. Too much mids/highs on a step can totally duck out the low end of the sound. But that’s part of the beauty and character.

Working all-hardware at the moment so don’t care about audio interface/overbridge.


You can filter the signal with the HP filter then apply distorsion only on high end, and bring back the low end untouched with the blend knob.
With a dynamic envelope, you can make this even more subtle and target blend amount or distorsion amount.
I love this box.


Stop it! You’re making me buy a second one! :rofl:


yeah I’ve had that “I want one for every of my instruments” thought…


That doesn’t work for me as I make heavy use of the LP filter but it 's a nice example of how flexible this box is for tuning on that sound you’re after. I find the 2-band EQ very helpful too.


I just made a quick side by side comparison between AD and AH. Guitar plugged straight, Peavey 110 clean channel.
AD is very noisy, AH much less.
AH Round Fuzz is an Octafuzz, like AD’s Harmonic Fuzz, but it’s much better as an Octafuzz.
Very fast lfo and nice auto wah, touch wah, wah fx for AH. Much better than using AD’s mid freq as a wah.
I think I’ll keep both, I can do something with AD as a guitar overdrive but I wish it could be a mono AH. I had AD 4 times cheaper than the AH, so everything is normal.
Selling 3 or 4 overdrives.


just throwing this out there :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I just received a Heat today ! Very psyched :). 550€ like new from a local guy, + a deck saver cover made it quite a reasonable purchase.

So far I’ve only had time to use it on the master bus with sounds coming from the modular and digitakt but it already does wonders at (no so) subtle enhancement settings. It really fuses both sounds sources together, exactly what I was looking for. I need to RTFM as well to get the enveloppe follower going next.

F*cking instant industrial kickdrums !

On a side note I also like that it’s true to its name and does produce actual heat :slight_smile: