Impressed by Heat but damn it's expensive


I like that idea. Distort reality


Now see I completely believe rotallytuined who uses it on the tracking, sampling stage and gets some desired enhancements to the signal. But it’s really hard for me to interpret the results of those who sing the Heat’s praises in their mix. For one, I can’t be certain that people’s immediate reaction has to do with heat making things louder. Unless the loudness itself is what they’re striving for in their genre. Furthermore, it would be nice to hear whether the printed effect from heat was something folks had any second thoughts about in their final mix.

Loudness is a lot like adding sugar. If you recall the “Pepsi Challenge” more people chose pepsi over coke in a blind taste test. The secret ingredient? Pepsi has more sugar than coke. But a follow up study illustrated that people were more likely to not finish their free quart (or whatever it was; 6-pack) of pepsi once they took it home than those who took home the coke. So the more sugary drink offers a more immediate reaction, but beyond the moderate-short term, people prefer the taste of coke (which already has too much sugar if you ask me). Now whether that’s because they could finally compare the two in terms of flavor, or if the added sugar just got more sickly once they had time to think about it, or any other interpretation, I can’t tell you.


Well, all I can tell you that I love my heat. The few last weeks its been strapped to the outs of my rytm, and I like what it does to the sound. My goto setting is a slight hpf with reso to make the lowend “bloom” (cutoff tuned to the key of the pattn) and an envelope follower is modulating the drive amt in order to let the transients get thru with less drive than the body, clean boost. I can imagine using a similar setting for 2bus duties when mixing as well.

As for “have you overdid it and regretted it later”? Sure… it’s part of the learning curve with boxes like this. But all it takes is experience to learn when the grill is cooking it just how you want it.

FWIW I usually levelmatch and bypass for A/B when dialing in the settings… This is std practice for everyone I hope :diddly:


I was missing this key step for the first couple of weeks that I had the Heat. I figured I was missing something as there was such a big difference in volume. Then I rewatched one of the videos on the youtube(can’t remember which) where the user did that and it was a big lightbulb moment honestly.

I still catch myself skipping that step and it makes a huge difference to the gain structure and the overall effectiveness of the heat so I feel it is very important.


Heat’s rad.


Yeah, you said it more concisely: A/B while matching levels. And that’s the kind of insight that I have more confidence in. As the devil’s advocate, I could see how even correcting levels could be a real rabbit hole unless you know how to actively listen to a compressor, notch, flavors of noise etc. That is, you could spend quite a bit of time tweaking and really happy with the experiments, then turn it back down to comparable levels and arrive at the conclusion that the results are not subjectively stronger than the default 5 minutes ago.

Probably good to level match first, maybe with some smart-mixer or adaptive eq even. But again, this is the kind of feedback that I trust because you’re putting in safety’s not to fool yourself.

I like your approach for preserving transients. That could get really sophisticated with the syncopation of the tune.


Agreed, much less expensive than buying a pair of distressors


Co sign!


hi how is the latency with the heat OB?


By slamming u mean cranking up the gain? Or all the eq frequencies? I would love to try that


Cranking up the individual gains for channel inputs. sounds lovely.


Awesome! Will try that later today :wink:


Woo-hoo! I got my job! I also had a 20% coupon through guitar center! I just ordered my Heat for 609 when everything is said and done!


Congrats on both! Heat’s tasty :hamburger:


Congratulations! It’s worth every penny!


Thanks y’all! One question! Would anything be lost if I ran my AH through an OT thru channel? I was considering using the OT for compression and freeze delay


I’ll have to try this and see what turns up. I’m glad you finally got one. Heat loves deep ,bass tones. Experiment the eq frequencies through all characters. I’m running my through one of my 5 aux and I gain more flexibility for what exactly gets sent to it. In love with this. DT and heat should be getting along like two peas in a pod. Pretty much anything you run through the heat will give you new ideas on boxes you feel may be played out. I’m curious how the granular’esqe aspect of sample manipulation through a heat at the end of the chain will offer especially on voice samples. DT paired with Ot MD A4 pulse 2 and timeline… with ah, mind blown! Enjoy my friend.


Hmmmmmm. Yes, I could see plugging my iPad/iPhone up through it and yielding cool results! Will have to try when it comes it.

First things first, plug my machinedrum up to it and getting the wild crazy percussions ive always dreamed of <3


congrats Ryan, hope you like the heat sir!


Thanks! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I played it a month ago. It’s like reuniting with a love at first sight scenario.

Except without that whole fallibility of humanity thing