Impressed by Heat but damn it's expensive


Loving my new Heat. Will post some audio soon.

But DAMN this thing is expensive. Unfortunately I’ve experienced the magic and can’t see myself returning it. But DAMN it’s expensive.

Running a couple toys through it at the same time is hot. My A4 actually sounds good and is inspiring again. Audio coming.

Ian Pooley - Hands-On - Karacter - Culture Vulture - Analog Heat - Vertigo VSM-2
Analog Heat

It’s like Frank’s Red Hot, it makes everything better.
I split mine up into 3 payments of about $240 each and just paid it off.
It’s pricey but when you have it, you know.


I still have 4 installments to pay lol

the mpc live will also be bought in installments once its shipping.


Yea, for some reason I just went to the store and bought it. Then was like, what the hell did I just do!?

But yea, it’s magic


This is me fooling around with the Analog 4 and Heat.


I do not think it’s expensive-period-
For the features it offers-period-
If it would cost less I’ll be obviously happy, keen to buy a second…

I do not know the electronics involved - but compared to other similar (sorry, much expensive) unit around…it sounds awesome…and adds more features (but might I’ve already said this)


I heared the magic in one of cuckoos videos, since then i want it, but its still hard to justify it, i think i will give in soon, when taxes are returned. I hope for a magic black friday sale, spring offer or something. From what i heared it can give low and high frequency boost, and still sound natural. Much better than Fabfilter saturn, which sounds a tiny bit metallic when its working at high frequencys. Well not 100% sure what is eaten by the AAC codecs or mp3 from the internet.


Had an hour on a friend’s AH awhile ago. Nice sound, impressed. And barely scraped surface with all the env/lfo/filter stuff. Wasn’t entirely convinced it would give me anything noticeable over good plugins but it was definitely a lot more hands on intuitive/fun. And definitely does some very nice stuff to source material. Hoping to borrow it for a weekend at some point and a/b against go-to plugins. Gas on hold til then…


I believe some good tweaks on a good plugin are invaluable…
I mean, IMO, iZotope Trash2 can deliver A LOT…even more of an AH.
But I still not complain having paid €750 for AH and €30 for Trash2


it is the same problem hardware vs sofware that is the question


Could you A/B with trash on master vs analog heat on master, and let us guess?


Yeah I know what you’re saying. Thing is I don’t have a lot of £ and need to prioritise purchases so AH kinda lurks in the ‘Mmmm, dunno if I really need this’ gas area until I can hear it against what I already have.


Done something…


Some more clean boost but using the peak filter. I’m also throwing the TR-09 in the mix.

It’s just fun to jam away on the A4 now that it sounds better. Hopefully as time goes on my tracks will get more interesting…until then


It doesn’t seem that expensive for all that you get… 8 analog distortion types (a good mono guitar distortion pedal is $200 or so by comparison); envelope follower, LFO, EQ, filter… seems like a pretty great deal. But I haven’t tried one.


I’d love to try one out, just want to strap it over a really sparse modular patch to get all brittle and crusty…
Sound great on those clicky spit patterns!


TR-09 through the Round Fuzz and Peak Filter. Not sure how long I can listen to this one - but it’s Round Fuzz :slight_smile:


Scratch that one above - I flipped on the A4 and turned the Heat dial to High Gain


reminds me of being in an old warehouse in the 90s when the speakers blew out.


Clearly I have nothing better to do with my day than play with my AH and A4. I should get a different hobby that doesn’t involve pretending to make rave music. Here’s the Enhancement setting.