Impressed by Heat but damn it's expensive


Don’t forget the modulation matrix!


Say Hi to @Olle : Hi Olle !!! :grinning:


Yep, so two destination for both ENV and LFO.
There are also Filter ENV and Filter LFO.

I think both are a third destination, hard wired to the ENV and the LFO.

Oh, and LFO goes FM. Tasty.

[Edit] My bad : filter LFO is a destination of the LFO…
Damn. I have to RTFM !!!

[Edit 2] From the specs on the website

1 × Assignable envelope generator/envelope follower
1 × Assignable LFO

From the Manual which is different from the little manual that was in the box :

You can set the ENV to go AR/AD or FLW which follow the flow :speak_no_evil:
So I guess it’s either ENV generator OR ENV follower in this scheme.

Now that I found that online manual is more complete, I might find other subtleties :tongue:

[EDIT 3] I found it on p. 23 : “The envelope has three modulation destinations. […] The third modulation destination is permanently set to the filter cutoff.”
Same for LFO (p. 24)





Yes i understand the point i didnt have the HEAT but instead i use the DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard to process my audio or drums with the analog osc ala Prophet and the distortion, the filters and the modulation matrix really makes a difference.


cool. I have a mono evolver desktop, never occurred to me to use it like that! Will have to give it a shot, I love the glitch parameter on it.


Yeah make shure to check this function you can move the Filters and the Effects on the chain to process audio externally for better results

also you can trigger the sequencer a la 909 vs SH101 style also and use the 4 shape sequences as a modulation source and make some funky variations also assign this on the modulation matrix. to add extra movement or use the envelope follower etc etc. as you can save the patch also have an arp hidden function. the Evolver is a Total SpaceBeast… have some secrets and sounds amazing.

i found some cool info on the Definitive Guide to Evolver by Anu Kirk to unlock some secrets also on the carbon site have some intertesting tricks :elan::elan:


Really hate distortion.

So thought I’d order a Heat.


Excellent decision :slight_smile:


I have a modular patch specifically for drum sounds for the DT, was thinking my Warps could do with a filthy, greased up analogue hand.


Warps into a nice filter is wonderful. I use Warps parasites firmware then into an Intelligent Polaris and then to Clouds. Really great.


Heat arrived today, had a quick blast on it with some drums from the iPad.


Heat’s sick. I’ve been running my DJ mixes (old school technics and mixer) through it. Power.


nice stuff adonis. i had my doubts about the heat but this sounds pretty killer if you’re recording it through your mackie and into the heat -> soundcard with no further processing.


Thank you! Nothing but the Heat.

I like using the peak mode filter to dial in the mid range the two EQs seems to be lacking


I had the heat and it was lovely on everything, but I had to sell some gear due to funds or lack thereof so I experimented with slamming the channels on my analog Soundcraft signature 12 mtk.
it sounds really similar to setting 2 and 3 on the heat. I only bought the heat for some subtle saturation and the soundcraft sounds f*kn lovely slammed. granted it’s very limited, but musical.
so I was very happy to offload the heat, as good as it is.
jus a li’l anecdote :slight_smile:


Just got the analog heat today and man is it heat on my samples. I recently started using Elektron equipment six months with the analog rhythm my first analog drum machine coming from a sampling drum machine background mpc series. I wanted to learn more step sequencing and drum synth programming I went with the analog rytm learning analog and sample parameters right away the overdrive, circuits and distortions were magical sounding on samples straight out the rytm. I wondered why not my mpc which of course is digital have that sound? So I figured maybe I will give the analog heat a try rather than a new octatrak as I still had my old mpc in storage for my main sampler. Wow I’m impressed with the heat to my mpc patterns the distortion, filter and eq fumctions gave the ump and boom to the drums similar to my rytm. It is definitely one of my best gear purchases besides the rytm. Thanks to Elektron for a great unit I had no idea that I needed until I first tried their rytm unit.

P.S. I had distortion plugins like Saturn, Soundtoys and other so as first I saw no need for the analog heat like most. It was my rytm that changed my mind and Cenk videoed of course.


Nice, it’s a beauty, isn’t it?


I’ve had the Heat about 3 weeks and it’s defo staying here!
It sounds great on everything and is perfect as a ‘strip’ before sampling into the OP-1 and soon DT.
I love how it brings out subtle reverb and fx on mixes.
Sounds amazing on breaks with a little env on the high end to get it wiggling!

I intend to hook it up to the TV at the weekend as I’ve got some samples I want off the skybox :yum:


Yes indeed it is. And essential tool in my studio now.