I'm building the ultimate portable music box

Yeah - I also love the octopus motif and color palette. I had to scroll up to refresh my memory on the computer section. Intel NUC with a touchscreen – so badass. I can’t wait to see / hear that in action.

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Cheers! You and be both - I’ve put music on hold since I started building this thing in my limited free time. It’s insane to think that it’s actually nearing completion now!


Getting closer!!


Maybe the little two knob Teensy Midi controller that @ylva has?

Such a cool project!

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That’s also a good idea!

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I finally got the box working and it’s a dream. I can’t quite believe it’s done. I still have a few software kinks to iron out, and I may need to add some shielding between the signal wires and PCBs, but for the most part it’s working incredibly well. Charges to 100% in 2-3 hours, and I get around 3h of battery life.

Just bought a little action cam, so will be uploading videos of it in action very soon, including a walkthrough of how it works. In the meantime, here are the pics:


Fully sick.


cheers my dude :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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this is some serious cyberpunk stuff. you’re a genius


Nice work. Been waiting to see it finished. Interested to hear musically and literally how the tablet is integrated.

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Hell yeah. So badass. Although, that wiring behind the scenes makes me nervouse. Are those crimp splices, or connectors, so the wire can be separated for service? I hope they are all nice and secure. :crossed_fingers:

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Haha thanks man!! I love cyberpunk but didn’t even draw that connection until now.

Cheers mate - I’ll be recording a video soon to show how it’s all put together, and of course some music!

They’re crimp connectors, and they’re soldered in place. I hate them generally, but they were the best way to hook it all up so that I can take it apart without too much hassle if I need to.


Well done! Been excited to see this completed. Nice choice in power switches. Did you wire them for illumination? I would assume not since you’re running on battery power.

Thanks mate! I actually did, but turns out they require 240V for the lights. Oh well lol.

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Bravo !
I’m particularly interested in the paint job. Scratch proof? The pen too?
I already painted black some gear, even my boat recently (finishing it this weekend, previously red). Not scratch proof like a car.
Also I have a VIrus TI and OT MKI, thinking about a Snow I’d paint in black to replace the TI desktop I find too big / heavy. :wink:


Cheers! So the finish didn’t turn out entirely how I wanted. It’s not scratch proof at all, but it should still be extremely durable. I used a wood dye for the wooden parts and a hycote matte black spray paint for the metal parts. Pen was just a couple of Posca paint pens, but then I painted about 6 coats of polyeurethane spray varnish over the top of everything. I chose polyeurethane because it’s supposed to be extremely durable and flexible, so it can handle temperature changes and the expansion and contraction of the wood. However, I think I sprayed some of the coats too far apart from each other, and it was a hot day, so they didn’t bind to eachother the way they should have. This means it seems to scratch quite easily, but it’s only the thin top layer of poly that’s actually getting scratched. At some point I may try and refinish it.

The boat looks fantastic!

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Ok great, thanks! I have to find this for my musical boxes paint job (like Qy100 below)
What is the aproximative weight of your ultimate portable music box?

I have to make a stand too, thanks for inspiration. The TI destop + DN almost perfectly matches OT + A4.

“Unfortunately” I bought a DT :smile:, so I’d have to put the TI above, or make 2 stands, with swappable levels… :thinking:

Sorry for of topic, but :
She’s much better (so do I), because it was useless for a year untill last week, also a complicated soldering job to do with a brocken metal “arm”, more complicated than a jack repair! :wink:


That’s a hell of a set up! Very nice. I used to have a DT and I sold it to fund the OT. I don’t regret the decision, but I still miss it.

I think the box must weigh around 8kg, maybe more. It’s not the lightest, but the battery accounts for a good bit of that.

Also that’s an impressive transformation with the boat. Nice work

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You’ve now got me thinking about replacing them all with molex connectors :thinking:

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Just recorded this dnb track on it: