I would buy another A4 if it was possible to poly chain

If nothing else, I’d like to see this implemented into Overbridge if not in the machines themselves. Not sure if OB might be an easier way to accomplish it, although ideally it would be standalone.

It’s possible - i’ve done it - just have to put the right settings .[/quote]

Heh, this is a blast from the past.

I did end up getting the AK to go with my A4 but still have not tried to chain them.

I like the simplicity of dual midi signals as suggested above but the keys has keys so…

For now I just use the midi mode on the AK to write stuff in the A4 and let it play in sequence. I have stacked the voices this way and liked it.

Still waiting …:cry:
I would have bought an Analog Keys if i could polychain it to my A4…

Ho well, i’ve bought a Deepmind 12 instead because i really need more than 4 voices poly as a keyboard player.


Surely there’s some midi device that could count the voices being played and send them to the midi of another channel if the value of > 4.

Oh well, enjoy the deepmind! Let us know what it’s like!

There is, or rather was… Mutable Instruments MIDIpal

They pop up used every once in a while on eBay and Muffwiggler marketplace.

It would work only for live playing in poly though, not sequencing, as the A4 seq does not send MIDI output.


Cool! If I ever find myself with 2 Elektron analog synths, that might be something I invest in

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Yep. I have a Midipal, Midibro is the same I think.

I used it for 8 poly with Ot, with single wave.

I used it with A4 and Event Processor Plus and succeeded to control osc 1 and 2 pitch separately, in order to have 4x2 paraphonic voices per voice.


I wish Elektron could add poly chain for the A4.
I will probably buy my second A4 (lots of theme for sale right now).
I have been programming poly sounds for a couple of days and let me tell you, this is an amazing poly analog !
Thinking about selling my Ob6 now because once you find the sweet spot the A4 do the job for me.
It think it is the most underrated poly analog today and its IMO so much better than anything DSI can offer right now.
Lost of modulation options , great FX , Lp filter + 12db multimode, 2 sub osc.

A couple of things :

-Need an option for the LFO because right now its always polyphonic. I think if you make the OSC reset the LFO are mono (at least for vibrato effect) but would be nice to have each LFO in sync for poly sounds.

-Obviously poly chain option. 8 voices poly with 2 A4 !

-Gotta be careful with gain staging.


The problem would be continuity of sound between the, now three, versions of A4.

Yeah, maybe.
There are supposed to be 3 different versions that sounds different.

would it be possible to chain two analog 4 together (by using some magic midi tool) to get an analog 8?
in the best case being one thy analog keys and if you play more than notes the analog 4 jumps in?

thanks, david

It think you can using the Retrokits cable or the Max patch people have been talking about using for the Digitakt!

Good thinking!

About the different A4 versions that are supposed to sounds different. Having both mk1 and mk2 i can say (IMO) they sounds mostly the same and the difference is quite subtile if you don’t use the filter overdrive. So poly chaining the MK1 + MK2 make sens. Never tried the A4K but i guess its the same thing.

Ak + Multi Map split sending notes to A4.
A midi keyboard with split ability would work too.

Sending dry sound from one AK/A4 version to another one with shared fx would match better maybe.

Set Perf on the same channel to control the 8 voices at the same time.

For midi processors with channel split Midipal works too.
I think I’ll receive Rk002 tomorrow.

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I like the sound of the A4 a lot, and I think it is a bit “thin” helps a lot on poly duties.

SO I would prefer to see an 8 voice AK with a bit more encoders and bigger screen, 5 octaves maybe. I know elektron isn’t known for that kind of keyboard but I would love it.

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I think I saw a Cukoo video using a keys and A4mkii. (Can’t find it now for some reason)

Quite easy to split AK keyboard with Multi Map and send midi to A4.

ext midi keyboard, midi out to midi splitter, both midi signals into 2 a4

that would just have you doubling the same notes on two A4s.
Nice for a 4 osc fat sound.

Yup I’ve done it Polyphony 8 polychain 2 a4 ak

I sold my AK but I’m considering buying another A4