I’m done with Elektron



I still like their products a lot. I‘m just very pissed off with all the issues they‘ve been having lately. That sound lock bug on the A4MK2 alone is a f‘cking disgrace and that it wasn‘t fixed straight away is a bad joke. That I had to send a couple of OT MK2s and a DN to and fro doesn‘t help either. I don‘t even care about Overbridge that much, but the fact that there‘s still no way to get my samples off of a sampler is unbelievable. I guess what‘s bothering me is the huge amount of unfulfilled potential there is. It reeks of a „it‘s good enough as it is for the sheep to buy it anyway“ attitude that has made other companies victims of their own success by becoming complacent. Honestly, I look forward to Roland selling loads of TR-8Ss. Maybe someone in Gothenburg will notice.


They evened Out some UI differences by using similar Icons for all MK2 machines and the Digi series but also setting Up similar menu structures which across all machines are similar. E.g. Midi Setup.

I ll stick to my Elektron Trio! A4 MK2 will be my CV Powerhouse and CV Toy for my little modular rig. Digitakt my Sample multitool utility. And the Digitone is my FM generating w.orkhorse that also will sequence Korg MS20, Peak and Prophet 6.


If the TR8S turns out to be as rad as people think it will…

The Digitone is refreshing though.


Just like waveforms, things go in cycles.

I wonder, what’s an appropriate length of time to be done with something?


I don’t think there is one. I’m still playing the piano since I was seven. So I’m not done with that.


That bloke is done with Elektron too :joy:

Strong opinions…

Quite a lot of Elektron bashing these days… I guess the higher you climb, the harder you fall.

I hope the bashing won’t mask the real customers concerns.


Wasn’t he the guy with an AH that had a broken volume knob?


Yes, last time i had my mental breakdown.


I don’t own an A4 any more; but just out of professional curiosity; what is it? This one?


The very one.


I feel bad about starting this thread.

I was only voicing my thoughts on why I’d left Elektron gear, cause in the end I always come back to the point that I’m old school with my gear and that’s just the way it is, and I was curious to see if anyone else had found heart over matter and come to the same conclusion. Cause that’s what it is.

Their stuff should make total sense to me, given my circumstances with space, time and stuff. But they just don’t and I’m fine with that. But that’s a me thing, not an Elektron thing. I can totally see why people love their stuff and I can see myself reconsidering in the future, but for now, I’m just gonna accept that I’m a Mooger with a Dave Smith moustasche much more than a cool, cold Swede.

Which is quite ironic, since I am a Swede, we’ve got winter here now (and how! the snow! the ice! the polar bears on the street! no, really, that’s thing, tell all your friends), and I live close to Elektron HQ.


Thanks. Like I said, no kitten in that race, just curious.


Sorry @andreasroman, in hindsight my earlier post was off topic with regards to your original post. To answer your question: no I haven’t been there. The Elektron way of doing things keeps growing on me and there’s hardly a day without me learning something new. Also I love that “happy accident” way of making music. Just handling those machines makes me happy. Their design language appeals to me and it inspires me to keep experimenting. I don’t think I shall part with any of them. I’m not so sure about future purchases, though.


That is a good place to be in, all the same. I feel the same with what I’ve got going now. All that’s missing is a proper recording solution, of which I’ll look for elsewhere now.


A little off topic again, but that Zoom L12 portastudio kind of thingie has been calling me for a while now. Might just be the right kind of cannon to point at the little bird I’m trying to kill aka recording my humble meanderings around repetitive patterns.


You know what I dislike about Elektron? The fact that they release half baked, incomplete, overpriced products and only a couple of months later they lose like 20% of their value. The hype dies, everyone realises that the product is in beta state and boom, prices drop like crazy.

Look at the A4 MK2 and OT MK2 prices. 1450 euros on release, 1150 euros today. And it’s been only what, 2-3 months? That’s saying alot. I’m sure the early adopters are not pleased.


“I feel bad about starting this thread.”

Don’t, I was thinking of starting a similar thread.
Personally I’ve become increasingly frustrated with Elektron.
As it’s been mentioned already numerous times the amount of bugs that have plagued their boxes of late is very disturbing. It’s a huge confidence crusher that a product like the Digitakt thats been out a year and had 6 updates still has so many user reported issues. That they keep releasing new products while struggling to meet crucial deadlines and have not yet fixed their existing range all seems very unprofessional. As much as I appreciate their communications and their “friendly” staff I’m much more interested in a product that just works.


100 longish posts in this topic in one day? sheesh, its gonna take a while for me to read it all…

I too am ”done” with elektron. That is, now that I have my dirty trinity, DN and AH, its time to fill up the banks and pattns and concentrate on music making.

Its very often a choice between ”1 knob per function, mostly all sweet spot” or ”a wealth of options, modulations, with random pockets of sweet spots” IMO. However I consider elektron boxes of being very well designed for the latter, compared to many other PITA UI/UXs like the blofeld, shruthi-1, heck even DSI evolver is clunkier to use…


I’ve been looking at that, too. It’s a bit over-specced for my needs, but if it has solid sync options, then it’s kind of what I’m looking for, albeit with lots more bells and whistles than I need.

Apparently, local dealer here says porta studios sell quite well. There aren’t that many of them, there’s Zoom and Tascam and Boss, but they all seem quite popular.

Feels like a market waiting for its revival, still.