I’m done with Elektron


Sync seems to be rare on new porta studios, my Zoom R8 and my Tascam DP 32 lack midi sync, which is a shame. Would be great, if they had better looping functionality too :wink:

BTW … reading this thread makes me feel to belong to a minority, I would even buy more Electron gear … some creative new digital stuff, a D8 with Midi tracks …


Sorrily that’s the modern way to do business. Almost all companies out there behave like that sooner or later. Shareholder value pressures everyone for the fast money and over-the-top unrealistic marketing does the rest.

The only way around it is to keep your GAS in check and buy stuff when it’s stable even if it take years (or not at all).

And, of course, that newest shiny something will drop in price almost instantly, because the lifecycle of product lines gets shorter and shorter. Look at smartphones. Why fix bugs when you can push out the next generation in a couple of months and it gets still bought by people even if there is almost no difference to the previous one …


At the risk of starting a religious war here and with full awareness of their shortcomings, Apple for me are a counterexample. I have been getting 4 years of utility out of my iPad Air, it still runs the latest OS and I currently can’t justify getting a new one. We have an iPad 3 that’s still used by the kids. Software support was discontinued after iOS9 and it doesn’t get security fixes anymore which I can live with considering it’s age. Still it works. iPhones in my family are generally handed down until they cease to work, which in many cases has been as long as 5 years or even Ionger. And yet by the looks of it I’d go as far as to say Apple have quite a successful little operation running.


Wouldn’t say that I’m “done”, but I’ve started working more with my other synths again, which arguably have more flexible and easier to program engines. The big problem I’ve been hitting with the Elektron machines, is the sweet-spots aren’t very wide. I’ll spend hours trying to get the bass I want out of A4/AK, when I can do it in seconds on my Minitaur. I can program the kicks, snares etc. I want on my Tempest, without being restricted and rail-roaded by the machines on Rytm.

That’s not to say that the Elektron machines are bad as such, it’s just taking me a lot more work than ideal to get the results I want in terms of sound-design.

My ageing eye-sight can’t easily cope with the small displays on the Elektron units. The new Elektron editor - if it ever lands, might make things easier for me. In fact - a FULL FEATURED, standalone editor for sound design, might make all the difference.


The Elektron workflow incitates you to work in a ‘pattern’ mode, which is a bliss and a curse.

Sometimes I just would like to use my A4 or even my OT with a 1 knob per function interface outside the context of a pattern, just in “single mode” focusing on a single sound and play. A bit like on a nordlead or on an OB-6. Moreover the sound engine of many elektron box is not really suitable for this (no polyphony, no multisample, no way to assign the modwheel, after touch etc to make a sound expressive on the OT/digitakt for instance).

Or even better I would like to have a renoise/redux workflow : in redux a “patch” is a sound + a collection of phrase. I find this approach very liberating. But it is a software, and I cant work with software anymore.


Or just more assholes on the internet nowadays ?


Sure it was a new OT MK II for 1150? Could have been a MK I. Most of the MK II are about 1.380,- EUR.

Our problem with price is, we don’t know, how those price targets are made. There is not cost-calculation and then a fair gain on top. IMO many companies calculate the cost and slash a value on top, which they think, customers might accept … they try to make the best business possible. If the price drops significantly short time after release … IMO … either the market didn’t accept the price, or the company got into other problems, which force lower prices. At the end it might have been a bad strategy, which failed.

I would suggest, beeing an early adopter makes only sense, if that new product is a must have to do a better job right now, or it is some kind of luxury, to have access very early, but than there should be no complaint about price development later … :wink:


Check out juno.co.uk. Other retailers too (thomann, gear4music etc)


How much was a4 mk2 on release date? now is 1156eur !


Been following this thread and it itches me now to also share my opinion.
Good people at Elektron:

Thank you!

As an owner of the trinity + Heat (How can you not have the heat, right?) i must say that these instruments added so much to my workflow, music compostion and sound creating…
I started with the A4 i borrowed from a friend. For quite some time I fiddled around with only one track and realized the potential in working with just one voice on the A4. I then slowly expanded my set up but always keeping in mind the flexability and capeability of just one track on the A4.

I have been struggling in the beginning with a few things i couldn’t grasp … patterns? kits? parts? chain mode? song mode? how to put it all together. until I realized that for every musical situation there can be more then one ideal way that can fit it, you choose what’s best for you.
I relate to everyone who are disappointed with Overbridge. For me it always felt like too good to be true… the day it will work the way it should work it would definately change again our workflow. isn’t that what Elektron’s all about: changing the way you think about music creation? inspiring you? challenging you to get out of your box? (and into their boxes…)
I think they have revolutionized music! ok, i guess every revoltion is in essence simply an evolution so for all of you that are “done with Elektron” i’m hoping that you find the next best thing (and please let us know…)
In my experience synths come and synths go but Elektron is here to stay.


You are absoutely right, juno sells for such low prices. :+1:

I did two searches with price comparing apps and found only 1.380,-. Intersting, though.

Maybe the drop has just been yesterday or today?


The Heat is very expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives.


A4 dropped in price early January, OT past month or so. Rytm also dropped 150 euros recently.


Thanks for the update … I cross-checked … my search was for OT not A4.


I think Elektron need to completely rethink the interface of their machines.
It hasn’t changed since the monomachine and is way overdue for a redesign. This would inspire and inject new enthusiasm for their products imo


Anyone else come to this point, at some point?

Nope :slight_smile:

I tried so much things… to me it’s ITB or Hybrid (ITB + Elektron) or Elektron (Elektron is OTB for me… probably the best equipment for Live Performance, Live Tweaking…)

I always came back to Elektron… I think i am a groovebox man from the beginning (the most get things done i done is with groovebox (RS7000, MC909…) Then i done things with only a DAW + VST, then coming back to Hardware with Elektron (with Live performance in mind) was the smartest path to take…

I think it’s depend about people and music genre … and how you like to write a piece of music

Eventually a 8 bars system on Elektron would be amazing… (But Trig conditions do the trick for now)


Could you tell us, what you would like to see improved?

For me some of the buttons could be placed more ergonomically, but I like the general concept. Since all Elektrons have so many parameters, a one knob per function concept would mean to have a very large box :wink:

I like the “menu-buttons” and the concept that the encoders change their function accordingly. After a while muscle memory develops and helps to work nearly blindfolded.

I would love to change, how we can organise and re-organise our projects, pattern, patches, and samples. A computer based librarian would be appriciated very much :wink:


I would have loved to see more UI consistency across the whole range of devices. Call me anal, but it keeps bugging me that ADSR, LFOs, and quite a few other things look and feel differently between devices.


No worries. Next release and the hype will be back again :wink:
I just like to complain about tiny worfkflow problems here and then.
Might be that tomorrow I will rant about using laptops and praise the OT lord again.

Come what may, i won’t leave the ship (at least as long as I won’t get bankrupt)


Who’s ansome?