I’m done with Elektron


Not done, sticking to my trusty OT and AR. Maybe being limited to those two machines helps.
I wouldn’t mind having a MD UW+ mk2 though…
@andreasroman has your DFAM arrived yet? Mine still hasn’t…


Ive been in this place a few times. Have sold off my Elektron’s twice, other gear a couple of times too. I’m now 90% ITB and playing with an OT on the side. Havent touched the OT in such a long time though but no urge to flog that at all. Quite like having the one piece of hardware.

I still GAS for things. DN looks great for example. But I’ve totally lost my creative juices right now so best thing for me to do is to focus on ITB for now, finish off some stuff, play around a bit and see what comes.

Elektron boxes can be the best and worst of times. When things click you can be banging away on a few patterns for hours. But far too often I get into a slump with their stuff - XOX kind of does that to me. I know that’s over simplifying the Elektron boxes and for hardware they are fantastic sequencers but compared to Live (for example) and it’s too limiting. While I love the OT’s limits in terms of creativity, I don’t quite feel the same about the sequencer restrictions.

So I’m not done just now but I can see it on the horizon. Not dreading it, just the natural cycle of things. I do hope Elektron turn things around with OB - so much potential there in my eyes.


I have to say, I´m not done with Elektron. I haven´t got into all the features yet. Still waiting for an update so that I can work with AK & AH the way it´s suppose to be. The only device that is working perfectly is my AR mk I.
I had Digitone in my studio yesterday. Yes it sounds beautiful. It´s really a step forward, taking the FM syntesis to another level. If you ask me if I will buy it? Well probably not since I don´t know how long it will take to get an update .
So atm patiently waiting. Tomas


I just sent my Digitakt back.
No overbridge, no slices, and no step number per page. The MDUW+, though, will always have a special place in my heart. Even if i lost so much work when my first one suddenly broke.
I’ll keep my Digitone, for now, but i’m not sure it’s a good idea since i can’t stand its sequencer.

That’s insane, something very appealing made me buy ALL Elektron gear at some point, i ended up selling them all. Except the MDUW+ of course.


I have gripes with every elektron unit but personally I still love working with em more than any other gear.
certain omissions drive me nuts but I still love em, can’t help it :smile:


Nope. They’ve just given up on a date now. It’ll be here when Moog’s done delivering to the Americans, they say.


That’s my impression too, ‘America first’?
Well, I guess the logistics are easier…


I like working without a computer when i make music nowadays. Using a mouse is the opposite of having one-knob-per-function imo. It’s more like one-mouse-for-all-functions. :slight_smile:


It’s rumoured (serious emphasis on rumoured) that slicing may be coming to digitakt. I cant say how true it is, someone said a NAMM source claimed it and they seemed pretty genuine but the internet is what it is. Sounds like you might want a future digitakt but it’s best to live in the now. Could always pick one up if things change anyway, it’s got some time in it’s life cycle yet assuming elektron don’t keep flinging out half done boxes. The older boxes appeal to me too, Ive always kind of wanted a monomachine but it’s more of a “that looks and sounds cool” thing rather than “I’d get a lot of music made with that” thing. I’d like an MD+MnM one day though


I’m not done with the gear I have, but I think I’m done with buying anything more. I don’t like the new form factor and affordability of the Mk2 boxes, have been put off by the premature release of Digitakt, and am tired of spending my money when I have enough gear already, particularly on minor upgrades or tools that are similar to what I have. I can do most things the newer smaller boxes can do with what I have already (OT MK1 vs Digitakt for example). I cant fit anything else into my room.

I have endless learning with MDUW, MNM, dark trinity and analog heat ahead of me. I don’t think I would sell anything as it will take me years to master these boxes in a way I feel I am completely on top (unless i am forced to sell due to financial issues). I did not buy these to sell them, despite the drop in value of some of the units. I have tried Overbridge and got frustrated with it, but found other ways to integrate this gear especially together and into a hybrid setup (using old fashioned audio interfaces). I think a lot of new people to Elektron have too high expectations for OB and need to come down to earth a little more (read some of the previous threads on it from early releases).

I am not frustrated by different functions on different boxes, as I understand the development timelines and design decisions that can lead to this. I did not buy wishing they had more capability, I bought them knowing what they could do, and am pleasantly surprised when a new important feature is added, and very thankful for it (conditional trigs in OT).

I am happy with what I have, but have completely stopped lusting for new synths and samplers. My only buy this year has been studio monitors.


Them Moogers assemble these by hand, tho. I’d like to think that once I get it, it’ll be made with love for the art.


I think this is quite true. Where the Elektron way shines for me is in being able to program in some patterns, then just hit record on a recorder and jam something out. It’s the first time in 15 years of playing with electronic music stuff that I’m actually “finishing” anything, in the sense of recording full tracks, generally just jammed out on the MD and/or A4 in a few hours.

However, I’m mainly making techno, which the Elektron sequencer and sound palette is great for, and generally I’ll only have 2 or 3 patterns in a track and I’m just modulating parameters (which I tend to pre-map to a CTR8 or Perf mode) and controlling mutes live. If I were looking to make something more “detailed” or song-based, I can imagine this workflow might not work, and TBH I’d probably just focus on Ableton/ITB workflow and maybe sample some stuff from the Elektron boxes rather than trying to integrate them, which I imagine could be an exercise in frustration.

For me, I’m in love with the way the Elektron boxes work. They’ve got enough power to allow you to make a whole track on a single box and to get really quite deep with sound design, but enough simplicity/constrained workflow to keep you focussed and get results quickly. I can imagine both the genre and approach to the music you make influences whether this is true for you.

Can’t wait to get a Digitone haha!

Edit: oh, but the project/saving workflow could do with some changes. I’ve lost a fair amount of cool stuff, but right now I’m taking a very… transitory?.. approach to the music I make so it doesn’t bother me too much!


Hand-made… Maybe the new paradigm is to deliver them on foot?
Or rather surf and skate?
At least I have a lovely serial number on my Mother-32… : XX69



same here, still i would love to see a new Analog Rytm without
all the sound and sequencer limitations and with an easier file system.
with the AR it became really a “i really want it but not the way it is” relationship
after a very enthusiastic initial phase.

Don’t know, if digital OSCs would be the solution, but if you see,
how versatile the Pearl Syncussion is with its different (analog) OSC types,
and all of its sounds just sound g r e a t !


Contrary here i´m i love with my Machinedrum since day 01 and still learning new things and sequencing my synths but mostly to create drums thru the MD native engines. is my unique elektron box

elektron changes my perspective about constructing electronic music. since im not a musician :smiling_imp: and help me learn! i love this also the sequencer - sounds - workflow. and really like the digital side of the MD but i dont want to all my music sounds elektron .

so i can say elektron forever! along with other machines are awesome. i for sure get a couple of MKII. or an old Octa. Thanks Elektron and all you Nauts!


Wise words, and a healthy outlook.


As a house and techno guy I love the mduw and love elektron for that product. The other stuff was clearly not aimed at my demographic imho Nearly had me on the DT but you skimped really really harshly :stuck_out_tongue:


Millions of guitar players write similar sounding tunes using the same few chords for the past tons of years, we don’t blame this on the guitar… :slight_smile:


Man, is everyone jumping ship? I guess I saw some water seeping in but I didn’t think we were sinking… :grin:

Oh well, whatever. I’ll just stick around and create Octatrack question threads and answer them myself until everyone gets back from their flings with other gear… :joy:

Is this Elektron’s darkest hour?
Could the darkest hour be before the dawn?

Interesting movie this is…


Elektronless, jumped ship, cant do it right now, plus I just put up the OP1 and Monologue for sale too. I’m about to have a fling with maybe the DSI Pro 2 and a drum kit.