How to sequence all tracks within Overbridge of the Digitone

Hi guys,

I finally found the time to hook up the awesome Digitone into Ableton. I want to create 4 midi channels and lood the Plug-in into it. And sequence all 4 tracks from Ableton. But whatever I try, all the midichannels only play sounds from track 1 on the Digitone.

What am I missing?

Please help!

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I have no Digitone but on the other machines it works like this:
Go (on the hardware) to Global Settings -> Midi Config -> Channels and make sure that each track of the Digitakt is set to a seperate midi channel.

Unfortunately that’s not working on the digitone. It is set by default to have channels 1-4 for the 4 different tracks. If I select the specific channel on Ableton it keeps playing the first track from the piano roll. Also the audio tracks is not working. I can set 4 audio tracks with the sound of track 1 to 4. But they all receive every sound.