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I have prepared a set of notes to complement the manuals for the Elektron Analog Rytm, Analog Four and Octatrack. I’ll do my best to regularly update, correct and expand the documents.

Feel free to add tips and links to other guides that you have found useful. For the Octatrack Merlin’s Guide is an obvious recommendation. Anything else someone new to Elektron machines should study?

Because many of us have more than one machine from Elektron, I post this in the “General” section of the forum.

Note that these guides complement the User Manuals - there is no way round studying them intensively. My graphical guides will help you with the first reading and later as a quick reference, while the “How to …” guides and other documents are there for you once you into music making, developing your own workflow.

Update 16th November 2015: I have merged several files into one (“Elektron Music Production Tips”), with better formatting and including hyperlinks, which should make it easier to use on screen.

Best, Olaf

* [Graphical representation of Octatrack Concepts]( Octatrack Concepts Guide.pdf)

* [Graphical representation of the Analog Four Structure]( Analog Four Structure.pdf)

* [Graphical representation of the Analog Rytm Sound Architecture]( Analog Rytm Sound Architecture.pdf)

* [Graphical representation of Analog Rytm Concepts]( Analog Rytm Concepts Guide.pdf)

* [Sheets for note taking with the Analog Rytm]( Analog Rytm Note Sheets.pdf)

* Elektron Music Production Tips

UPDATE 5th May 2016: See through the thread for changes … also to the links. The links above will most likely no longer work because Dropbox was not happy with the download traffic and suggested to pay. Below I have further information with a NEW LINK.


Jesus… that was quite a bit of work I suppose. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Herr Wolkenhauer you just made yourself unforgettable :smiley:
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thanks for doing this , i need them :slight_smile:

Merlin-tier wizardry. Cheers

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Note: For the AR “How to…”

[li]Kit:in the kit menu (SELECT+KIT/FX). Select Load or Save Kit submenu and go to the kit you want to delete. Press FUNCTION+PLAY/CLEAR.[/li]

There is actually no way to see whether anyone is downloading or using the material put up, other than from comments here. They are therefore appreciated and it also reminds me to give others, who posted useful things, a thumbs up more frequently. I’ll update these notes for as long as there is feedback. I added today Klerc’s suggestion and I added a very nice suggestion from Adam Jay (FX Mute) using the track/voice routing on the AR/A4 creatively. For the AR this is actually described in the manual (not that I thought of it …) but for the A4 I could not find this in the manual and neither does the index give any hints to where to find that menu (or even how to use it). To help others to see this nice option, I also updated the graphical summaries w.r.t. the routing options. The forum is a great source for such ideas to play with and I shall try to add things if there is interest. If any music school is interested in using this material, or developing it for their purposes let me know - I am happy to adapt things to your needs.

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Thank you for yr work!

This looks quite spectacular. Thank you for sharing this with us, Olaf.

thanks for this, really appreciated.

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Thanks for this work Olaf (obviously a work of passion for these machines, if I may say so). Looking forward to going through these guides more thoroughly.

nice work olaf! :slight_smile: it would be great if you could also include the MD and the MM so that you have all the Elektrons covered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but still, much much appreciated you spent time on doing this. well done and thanks.

Cool sharing these, great job. Still learning OT so these should be helpful. Thanks!

Edit - I just downloaded the ‘how to’ OT file. On quick glance it seems to cover A LOT! Nice work! Will have a proper read later :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Fantastic!!! Thanks.

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Top work Olaf! Thank you.

Thanks a lot Olaf, i would appreciate if structuring songs /live set hints would be included. (Using song mode on all 3 machines? ) How to setup for efficient improvisation. (Probably in the Dark Trinity Guide.)
Also a FAQ section would be cool. (Forum compiled.)

Also, i think this documents would be very interesting for a friend of mine, but he struggles with the English language, you don’t have any German translation available for your documents?

Thanks for your work. You’ve made my life a little bit better!

Good work Olaf ! Thanks very much :+1: