How old are you and where are you from?


38 from Berlin, GER

wasted/used up my youth mostly in Tresor, SO36 and Ostgut, musical influence is mostly from that period.


25 from Berlin, GER
wasting my youth mostly in Berghain, musical influence is mostly from there.



Age: 27
Hometown: Waco, TX. USA
Influences (in no particular order):

  • Autechre
  • Steve Reich
  • Radiohead/ Duologue
  • Reznor/ Ross
  • Frahm/ Arnalds
  • Hopkins/ Lee West
  • Oceansize/ British Theatre
  • Hundred Waters
  • Baths
  • Boards of Canada
  • Steven Wilson
  • Objekt


A younger me? Tach jesacht.


29 from Helsinki, Finland.

I could list all kinds of influences, but in the end every genre that has managed to hold my sustainted interest can be traced to a single source.

That source is of course the soundtrack of the first Red Alert to which I listened to for literaly hundreds of hours as a kid. and we all know the really big formative events happen in childhood.

Metal, industrial, techno, synthpop, synth-whatever, it’s all there if you listen for it.

I would probably also give some credit to my aunt’s cassette collection of “space music”, best-of-tapes of venerable electronic artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder and so on.

And come to think of it, endless hours of 80s hits and 90s eurodance I heard from car radio as a kid probably made me love synthwave and chord stabs.


43yrs, from Turku, Finland. Got my first synth (a Yamaha DX100) as a christmas present when I was 13 and have been making music on/off ever since. My musical tastes are very wide. For a long time I said that I love all music except reggae, trance and blues, but it seems that I’ve found things to love in all those genres too.

I was a semi professional dj for 18 years and retired from that thing last fall. Sold most of my 12" and 7" singles but still have thousands of vinyls etc. and keep buying them.


I’m 4 billion years old and come from Mars - friends call me Panspermia.


Nice to see Finn folks here =)

I am 30, brazilian from Amazon Jungle region, living in Helsinki, Finland.


I’m a 38 year old lady from Kalama, WA (all though I still feel, look & act 21… my mom calls it immature… I’m not immature, I’m youthful, THERE’S A DIFFERENCE!!!) So many artists inspire me, but I’ll name a few favorites:

Dj Shadow
J Dilla (his solo stuff, also stuff he did with Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhymes)
Led Zepplin
DJ Q-bert
Bob Marley


47, hannover, germany

I grew up listening to the the, soft cell, dead kennedys, pink floyd and john zorn, but i feel musically engaged nowadays to ellen alien, maya jane coles, ligeti, shostakovic, nine inch nails, dub trio, undisputed truth etc. it changes a lot


I’m a 36, from Chile but living in Germany. My first keyboard was a Yamaha PSS-11 when I was 11 or 12, then I got a bigger Yamaha and finally a Casio CTK-something when I was 17.

When I was in university I made a kinda cheesy electronic album with Fruity Loops and it seems I have lost all the songs, I also played around with ReBirth and Reason when they first appeared.

After many years just playing guitar and bass, I got interested in making electronic music again. Last year I bought my first HW synths, the 4 first Roland Boutiques, a TR-8 and even a Cirklon. Then I realized I just wanted some grooveboxes so I sold everything and got Elektron devices instead.


38, south uk, between portsmouth and southampton…

I mainly like guitar music up until 16, then I got introduced to techno, got into producing music around 98, bought a jp8080 and access virus b… started getting into more EDM/Aphex Twin/Autechre/Boards of Canada etc… bought a sidstation when they first came out… sold all equipment in 2010… started buying new stuff in 2017… now I have more than i did first time round…


26 since few days, from Italy, living in Marseille FR. First round with electronic music as an interest and an experience was from following the free party movement in Italy as a teen. then i moved to London at 19, i ve rediscovered punk and i’ve met breakcore for the first time and got lost in it. I’ve turned from punk to noise to techno to jungle to avantgarde to experimental to cheese stuff to lots of many others shades and shapes of music and to yours, maybe, as well. In this period I m listening to chick orea, throbbing ghristle, the last releases from Praxis and fever ray.


lol we’re the same age and I also played the crap out of Red Alert, can’t remember the soundtrack though. I bet it’s one of those underlying influences I’m not even aware of, will have to go back and give it a listen. Most of the stuff I make and listen to sounds like pause menu music anyway.


34 Moscow, Russia. Let’s call me Max it’s easier and sounds better than my real name:)
Fell in love with electronic music (Techno , deep house and House) only 3 years ago, just started to explore music creation and and everything connected with it.


Detroit, enough said…


Sacramento California,
originally from a small town called Sonora near Yosemite.

Found my love for electronic music in the mid 90s when I accidentally ordered a copy of Aphex Twin’s “Richard D. James Album” My older brother was also listening to a lot of Orbital at the time. Anything Rephlex / Warp I loved but also others like The Prodigy, Crystal Method, Distance to Goa, Chemical Brothers, Meat Beat Manifesto, the list goes on…

Started screwing around with electronic music production in the late 90s with a copy of Rebirth, nothing serious. Later on I purchased a copy of Reason 3.0 and would do many random sub par projects ITB through out the next decade off and on. Moved away from electronic music production in the late 2000s because I was working on rap music and writing a ton of lyrics (with mixed results).

Flash forward to 2014 and my wife picked me up a Korg EMX-1 for Xmas and I ditched any desire to be a lyricist. Ever since then I’ve jumped full blown into hardware, but still track in Cubase on my laptop. Also studying much more music theory and making much better songs than my younger years.


46 - Denver, Colorado via NJ, NC, OH and UT

I am inspired by music, all varieties and sounds around us, particular nature

I got to Elektron OT via guitar pedals and loopers then synths and samplers. Love making crazy noise :smiley:


I’m 42 and live in a town on the coast in Ayrshire, Scotland that’s quiet enough to be nice but it’s dead easy to get a train up to Glasgow. I was born in Ayrshire too but moved to and grew up in Dumfriesshire… a wee village just outside Lockerbie.

I first started trying to write music in 94 when I went to Uni but that was a shambles as my 386sx40 PC didn’t have a soundcard so I’d write stuff in Screamtracker, save to floppy disk and go round to my mate’s house to listen to it on his Amiga.

My influences are all over the shoppe as I listen to all sorts of stuff but I find that the stuff I tend to write is mostly in the ball park of classic Warp, techno, dub, raster-noton, ambient etc etc…


43, midwest GER, started in the 90s with Fasttracker on PC and went on with similiar tracker software, also mangling my friends K2000… We did techno only, mostly trance and acid like tracks, inspired by BBC Steve Mason, small record stores which sold records from plastikman, harthouse like Labels (eye-q, etc…) and later on parties at FFM Omen (Väth, Dag). Meanwhile we did most steps in making music with rebirth and then reason… Then I stopped for a while, sometimes playing with reason and then started a while back with a Korg Electribe 2 or so because I did not want to use a PC anymore due to some hassle and also working all day with that dreaded Machine … ;)… Electribe didnt fit and was to limited and so I began buying and selling used as well as new gear to my setup today which I posted on the your setup thread…

Long story short, mostly I end up with monotone acid like patterns and tracks, because I like to listen to such tracks :wink: