How old are you and where are you from?


Glasgow: 50 years old – AK & Digitakt & Guitars (Several)

Listen to
Oldies but goldies - justified and ancient: Bowie, Roxy Music, Lou Reed and Bolan are gods:

Currently: Beck, LCD Sound System, Moon Duo, KVB, AIR, Brian Jonestown Massacre


41 from Edinburgh


Miss Kitten, Derrick Carter, Honne, Metro Area, Modeselektor, Headman, Metronomy as remixers, Dead Kennedys, Anthrax, octatrack, monologue, 1200s, Xone92

Crazy Bitches :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It comes as no surprise that so many people here have fantastic taste in music whether they are in their 20s or 50s.


I’m from Montreal and I have no idea where Roxton Falls is. That said, drop me a line if you need any advice!

(38, Montreal, to satisfy the conditions of the original thread.)


I’m sure you’re not alone with that angle on Edinburgh, it’s claimed a few hearts and minds.


Ah okay, Roxton Falls. I had to Google it. I’m in Montreal but oddly I’ll be in Sutton—~30 minutes south of you—this weekend. J’adore ça les Cantons-de-l’Est, you’re lucky and I’d live there in a heartbeat if I didn’t need to work in the tech sector in the city.

Tbh I hoped I had been able to pull a Digitakt before the weekend as we’ll be staying in a cabin on a hillside near the border to Vermont and it would have been great to bring something along to jam on. I think there is still a wait list here in town for the Digitakt. If you need any advice let me know.


Moi, j’arrive! I am in L’île Perrot and staying in and around Montréal for the next 10 days!

I have no gear with me, but would like to meet up! Sovietpop lives somewhere in Québec too, you two know eachother?


I’m 32 and i’m from Turin, Italy


43, TX, USA.
I’ve been hanging in Brazil a lot this year, and everything here from the birds to the music has been inspiring me. The artists I’ve seen here are mostly reggaeton, mpb, Carioca Funk, or Gaucha (the Brazil country music ), but I draw inspiration from nature, so there’s always something. Seriously… there’s this bird here that just does it’s thing when I’m walking my girlfriend to the bus stop in the mornings that is totally responsible for my latest Afrocuban Son piece…



36, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Started messing with trackers when I was a kid around 8 or 9. Tetra, Fast Tracker, Impulse etc. had no idea what I was doing :smiley:

Been into making electronic music for 20 years, started with Drum&Bass but now turned to Techno.

Listen to all sorts of music really but I draw most inspiration riding downhill mountain biking and snowboarding, nothing beats adrenaline for me.


34 Michigan USA

I first started making electronic music when I was about 14 and it grew into an obsession. I don’t always commit to a genre. I float between elements of pop, jazz, funk, hip hop and techno. I guess the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Aphex Twin are a few of them that have really had a big impact on how I feel about music!


37, Minsk, Belarus


40 - Dundee, Scotland.

Inspired by ALL music but in particular folk, Berlin School, post rock, shoegaze, ambient and Philip Glass.


45, recently moved back home to Melbourne.
Old school techno (i.e. 89 - 96 era).


42 from Antwerp, Belgium living in Berlin.

Actually also new here, no Elektron gear yet but interested and almost pulled the trigger on a few Black MKI’s. We decided to update our family piano (wife, kid), it’s great because I have a giant midi controller now. :wink:

I am not genre specific in music, if it pleases my ear/heart I am fine. I play a little guitar, and like spoken word.

PS: I pray for an Analog Keys MKII for 2018 - full with buttons/faders/knobs and less menu -


48, Gloucestershire UK…


Hi, I’m 205874 years old and I come from outer space

Got a lot of gears, in order to play traditional folk music from Upsilon1 Hydrae :


I see you in your ship with that helmet, and I imagine you’re probably banging out this tune:


35 and from Aarhus, Denmark


French living in East London, 38. Hardcore classical music training from 5 yo. Moved on to punk bands as a teenager. Discovered samplers and bargain bin LPs about 10 years ago, never looked back :slight_smile: 100% on DT