How old are you and where are you from?


hi everybody, i m just currious about you guys and girl!
how old are you and from witch country witch artist are inspiring you?
for me i m 31 and from my inspiration come from french bands like ez3kiel, high tone, zenzile…

Introduce yourself thread?
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I’m 33, I live in the Devil’s Asshole, Breakcore (and IDM) gives me wood.


I’m 37 and live in Norwich in the UK.

Over the past 7 years my tastes have rested around ambient, drone, and dub techno sounds.

Artists that consistently light my fire;
Loscil, Deepchord, Stars of the Lid and Deaf Centre.


Knowing me, XponentOne, knowing you, kusalamati, aha!
Am just coming up 33 (and too bloody quickly for my liking - swear I was 18 yrs old 5 mins ago), and am currently living nr Southampton UK - originally from Oxford.
Love all things warp records, brian eno etc - idm, ambient but also dubstep, dnb/jungle. However the music I mak3 tends to veer towards pretty cheerful leftfield electronica - guess that says a lot about my personality!


38 years young and I’m from Helsinki, Finland.

Influence list is too long, so I’ll spare you.


yeah so we all are still young :slight_smile: i was 18 5 min ago too :wink:


30 years, Hungary, I am coming from a mixed (industrial/goa/(black) metal)/dark-goth) background.


29 from Tricity in Poland. I’m also inspired by electronic dub sessions, mainly. New to electron hardware, but already addicted.


My names Pauline, I’m 24, single & gagging for it!
Only joking, I’m 25 :slight_smile:


47 - based near Leeds / Bradford in the UK.


37 from Quebec Canada (yea, im a french Canadian)
Elektron fanatic since the MD.
My influence are mostly old electronic music like Cluster, Brian Eno, Der Plan, The Residents etc.
Also like more modern stuff like BOC, Autechre etc.
Still listening to old punk like The Damned, The Clash etc.

I like synthesizers !


44 Chicago

Influences are all over the place, but draw from classic industrial, dark cinematic, and modern ambient.


31 from Poland.
My influence list is also long, but it’s mostly Ambient, Minimal and Detroit Techno :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m 34 and from Barcelona, Spain. Elektron adict since 2010. My influences have been rock and roll from Dire Straits when I was a child ( father’s music sure ), hip-hop local and American and Ska, rocksteady when I was a teenager and later on an electronic music lover since I was at Sónar ’ 97. Following artists like Anthony Rother, Trentemoller, Hell etc.



44 living in Houston Texas. Influences are Dub, Vangelis, BoC, K&D, 90’s good British rock/techno, the church band, the black crowes, Harry Nilsson, Hendrix and lots of weed.


My name is Chris and im 37 years, from Syracuse New York USA.

i love (from the top of my head):

sergei rachmaninov
pink floyd
aphex twin
kendrick lamar
jon hopkins
miles davis
talk talk
black sabbath

and others


40, from DFW(Dub) TX, now living in Shreveport LA.
Dynamix, Chrome, Place to Bury Strangers, 2 Live Crew, Nemesis, Sonic Youth, Chrisma, Prince Far I, Death Grips, Gold Voltron, Viet Cong, Soft Moon, DJ Craze, etc.


48 - Belgium

First music I remember and witch infected me / Pink Floyd - Tomita - Claus Shulze - Kraftwerk - Ennio Morricone - Kitaro - Bach - Barry White :joy:
and all the Birds at Night in the Woods … :alien:


32, Falkirk (Central Scotland).

First single I ever bought was Doctor Spin’s Tetris which probably explains a lot of why I like really, really shit sounding music! :joy:

For the record I have moved on a lot since those days as a clueless 10 year old…


32, Cork, Ireland.

I like mainly like techno. Preference to dark moody techno with a bit of a break to it. Artists that inspire me are like Surgeon, Regis, Ben Sims, Skudge, Bill Youngman… and of course Irish duo Lakker;)

Also like ambient & cinematic music.