How old are you and where are you from?



In my 50’s (still can’t believe it) living in Nashville, TN since 1998. Been playing bass and guitar since around age 13. Been a full time musician since ‘94.

Early influences
Howlin’ Wolf
Wall of Voodoo
Henry Cow

Lately, same plus
Nicolas Jaar
Aphex Twin

Did a fair amount of electronic/industrial for a couple labels/production libraries in the ‘90’s and early 2,000’s. Let it go for over a decade but (mostly as a hobbyist) recently and seriously back in. Not a ton of gear besides basses(!), but I have an OTMK2, DT, looper and iPad with quite a few apps. Mostly experimental crap done on solo bass mangling into songs.

Thanks for letting me hang out here. Been having a ball :slight_smile:


33, living in Denver but moving to Toronto this summer. I’m mostly into the deconstructed club music that’s been going on lately.


one billion years old from the horsehead nebula

influence include:
alien bob
the extraterrestrial peenk floid
space jaahm
quisnak the garbanthohav
garba the quisnantohav
the interstellar band
Evan Thorizohn

and basicly every type of space opera


ffs I missed this post.
thought I was def the oldest kid on the block at one billion
but I defer to your 3 billion years of experiences.


Not to date myself but I’ve seen Bowie, Einturzende Neubaten, The Cramps, and Stan Ridgeway perform live… but not all at the same time! I’d love to have been able to see the rest of 'em too. And yes, I’m a Slapp Happy fan. :slightly_smiling_face:


Slapp Happy! Heck yes. My most memorable gig in many ways was a weekender at the Santa Monica Civic.
First night;
Dead Kennedy’s
The Cramps

Second night;

Wall of Voodoo
Dead Boys
Pere Ubu

Much of the footage was later chronicled in a movie called “Urgh, A Music War.”


From Cape Town, South Africa.
55+ (3 kids: 4mtns, 2 years, 3 years) - We get lots of black-outs in South Africa (called Load shedding) and then you have some time on your hands…


Columbus Ohio
age 45
happily divorced
listened to Sonic Youth, Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy in high school but Neubauten really blew open the idea I could make music with anything. Started with a tape deck and Portasound drum machine and groaning in 92.
Recently became a Motorhead fan late in life after acquiring a taste for top shelf liqour, as well as jazz and Absinthe, IDM and java.
Maybe it was one of the Coil crew who sums it up, I shall quote loosely,
“Think jazz, think punk attitude”


I’m 47 and live in Lausanne, Switzerland. By the lake of Léman of which I have a stunning view from my balcony.

My favorite artists/band are Boards of Canada, B12, Tame Impala and Thundercat to name a few.

No children and never married but a proud uncle and godfather. (edited after the following comment has been posted!)


You obviously have done a lot of things right, sir.


amazing view


Yeah, the lake and the French alps just behind.


I have been in Lausanne for a week or so. Very nice place


43, Kyiv, Ukraine.
single for musical efficiency reasons (to have moar time & money for music).
music is my night shift, and the daily job is Linux system administrator.

started in 1991 in a basement punk bad as a singer, then became a drummer. at the moment, shifted primarily to finger drumming techniques for the rig portability reasons.
since punk was musically boring, i switched to industrial & 80s gothic rock. got into electronic music listening to Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Laibach. then in the mid 90s became a great fan of all those acid sorts of dance electronic, and then fell in love with goa trance… and still there.

90s/2000s Ukraine was really poor, so now i’m doing the music i could not afford back in the days, with extensive usage of the gear i could not afford back in the days. late 90s/early 2000s were the golden era of grooveboxes and virtual analog synths, and i’m a great fan of the gear of that time.

oh, and my musical motto is:
live sound, even recorded, is always better than recorded sound


30 (:grimacing:), originally from Venice (Italy) but living in Paris (France) since I was 20.
Too many influences.


34 Seattle, WA. Its cold, wet and rainy here. :cold_face:


that’s because of the Cursed Sampler


Hahahha what??? What a fantastic post! Is this you?


I can imagine listening to some BoC looking at that view. Nice


nope. i found it yesterday in some another topic here on Electronauts.