How old are you and where are you from?


31 from Portland, Maine.

I’ll mostly go with what currently inspires me, but before I got into making electronic music (beyond messing around with Fruity Loops and other software), Syd Barrett was my biggest influence.

Currently I’m listening to BADBADNOTGOOD. Been digging these guys a lot this year, and getting more into the hip-hop tinged jazzy stuff. Taylor Mcferrin has been another favorite along those lines.

Animal Collective inspires me all the time and has been my favorite band for many years. Deerhunter and Liars are other favorites I got into around the same time, ten or so years ago.

I’m definitely influenced by Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears, thanks to my dad. :smiley:

Some other influences include Lapalux, Do Make Say Think, James Blake, DADRAS, and my friends’ band Peach Hat.

I saw a lot of great live music this summer and my favorite performance was Bonobo.

Anyway, I’m here because of Autechre.


Now nearly 40, I moved to Rennes and found someone to play with in less than a month !
Thrilled !


35, Squamish, BC.
BoC, Air, Jaga Jazzist, Com Truise, Broadcast, Bibio, Sun Kil Moon, Ducktails, and lots more of course.
Solo project running a dark trinity with AKeys plus Parva, Slim Phatty, vocoder, guitar, and a little bit of bass.
Enjoys long walks in the woods. :slight_smile:


I stay in Roxton falls or close to Montréal, still no fixed adres or job unfortunately. We are aiming for a full scale migration spring next year.

I am in Québec in two weeks, I could buy you a coffee or a beer if you are within driving distance!


Are you nr Farlow’s lakes? I used to go fishing there 30yrs ago…


I’m 36 years old and live in Opo, S-Korea.


Hey, a fellow Elektronaut in Korea! I lived in Seoul for the last four years and loved it. Would have liked meeting other Elektron users there, but there can’t be too many. Niche audio gear is prohibitively expensive in Korea.

I posted in this thread a couple of years ago, so maybe time for another one. I’m 34, and I recently moved back to Christchurch, New Zealand with wife and baby after ten years overseas (any other South Island Elektronauts lurking out there?) Used to be an English teacher, now I’m a technical writer.

Biggest influences are dnb, vintage reggae, dub techno, and hip-hop. In 2012, I bought my first synth, a Machinedrum, and never looked back.


45, ew kinda makes it more real when you type it. In/from Edinburgh. Just back with boxes after a 4 year non box meander - Glad I’m back. A4+Digitakt owner in space of month - curve bound.


For four years? That’s a long time. Glad you loved it.
Christchurch sounds like a dope city to me, maybe because i’m a christian and i go to church. I really want to go to New Zealand one day not because of Synthstrom Deluge, (maybe a little) because of beautiful nature.


It feels like there is a hand full of elektronHeads in the world, if you are in New York and you can read this I do like to buy you a beer or two.


Sure ! Let me know if you are in QC :slight_smile:


Edinburgh, now that’s a place I‘d love to return to even though my recollection of my student days there is more than a bit hazy.


I might be moving there soon. If that unfolds, I would love to take you up on your offer :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m from Calvert County in southern Maryland, USA.
I’m 49 years old. I used to own a record store in Washington DC and had a recording studio in Baltimore. Now I’m a professional pet sitter. I get to hang out with non-human animals all day. It’s a lot of work, but pretty great all the same. I get to tell everyone that I work with that I love them, every day and they love me back.

Hobbies include mycology, building guitar pedals and synth modules. I love to read, and because I work with animals, I get to listen to audiobooks all day, which is great.

Recent musical inspirations and general listening include: Mouse On Mars, Aphex Twin, Future Sound Of London. Pretty & Nice, Michael Penn, Steely Dan, Eliane Radigue, XTC, Masonna, John Fahey, Brian Eno, John Foxx (Metamatic, a lot lately) Ford and Lopatin (IMO, Channel Pressure is one of the most underrated synth pop records of all time) and my current obsession: Judee Sill (especially the first album)


Hi gays, im 39 and im from Portugal


I’m sure there’s also some straight people here


Hi! I’m 36 and from Izegem Belgium. Fell in love with techno in my teens, later started listening to a lot of electronic subgenres (ambient, warp/rephlex stuff, dnb/jungle, breakcore, electro,…) occasionally djing. Always been fascinated by electronic music boxes, had a few tries with software but only three years ago i bought my first electribe. Soon followed octatrack, Blofeld, Microbrute and recently Analog four. I spend almost all of my precious free time on these boxes and having a ton of fun (not evident with two kids and a wife haha)


33 Seattle, WA :relaxed:

  1. Live in Eugene OR.

I like: David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era) Roxy Music, Eno, My Bloody Valentine, Mr Oizo, Boys Noize, Daft Punk, Soulwax, Ministry, Butthole Surfers, NIN, Manson, D-Styles, Dan the Automator, WuTang, Freestyle Fellowship, Buck 65, CloudDead, Brian Jonestown Massacre, warlocks, Gost, Beastie Boys, Madlib and much more.


45 and from the future :alien: