How old are you and where are you from?


28 and from Seattle, WA, USA. Mostly I listen to goth music, electric/synth pop stuff from the 80’s anything that hits on those vibes from today and the synth music from yester year - preferably from a different culture.


As old as the hills and far away.

Apparently my brother-in-law used to make synth experiments out of scrap electronics from TVs on our kitchen table when I was a nipper. Later I learned the trick of taping over the erase head when I was given a cassette recorder aged about 11. There was an EMS of some sort of at middle school. Autobahn sounded great on the radio. All these things led to to here.


48 orbits around the sun. Grew up within the M25 Essex/London area and lived through the 2nd Summer of L :relaxed: ve, now living in rural East Anglia, Norfolk. I :heart: Acid - but not “aving it” 150bpm stuff anymore which I used to make, these days I prefer 90-130bpm acid, I also like ambient, techno but never tekno, drone in its many forms, synthwave, new wave, old wave, chip tune, electro, avante garde, experimental electronics. I like listening to a wide range of stuff but most modern popular music does nothing for me.


45 years young (at least I’d like to think so… :zonked: ). Mostly grew up in Northern California (SF Bay Area), but moved around to many cities, states, and countries :airplane: over the last 8 years. As of last month, finally settled down in beautiful L.A. :palm_tree: with my partner and :cat2:. I sold almost all the gear I’ve acquired over the last 3 years and bought an AK, OT, RYTM, and just yesterday a Heat! My studio is complete. NO more GAS!! Yes, I’ve become an Elektreon fanboy :3lektron: … errr… fanman. :smile_cat: Anyway… my favorite album of 2017 is Shed’s “The Final Experiment”!! :musical_keyboard:


Never ‘Tekno’?
Oh mate…

Funny, I always felt the ‘k’ helped it all work…!


Special K! Actually that Adamski track is ok, by Tekno I mean stuff like this:

It always just reminds me of the MC-303 and too fast for its own good, for people who can’t dance but don’t know it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: haha, I guess for me 4 to the floor above about 140bpm just sounds a bit comical, like it should be in a cartoon.


Gabba gabba hey!

Mick ,
,Rochdale,but the posh part,no scrotes or shitbags living near .49 years old on the 14 Nov ,hint hint ,so if you all want to surprise me and send me some cash that would be great ,to fund my mk2 gear.
Talk talk
Nick cave
Jamie woon
The jezabels
The national
The smiths
And been sampling Eckhart tolle quite abit on my toraiz sp16 ,which sadly might be on eBay soon for an ocktatrack mk2😳
Simply lovely.


47 the states franklin TN. Glad to see some local Elektron blood.


How do you like the shared system, I have been eyeing that for months now. I want to make some drone sounds with it but based on the videos I found that it is lacking on that department… how do you like it?


40, Salt Lake City. I’m bettting that you could make awesome drones with a shared system… if it’s anything remotely like the 0-coast.


i’m 36. I live in florida. Here’s some music I wrote years ago:


46, from Luxemburg but living in Mechelen, Belgium and working + doing music in Oslo, Norway (don’t try to understand… it’s… complicated but passionate)


Ah gabba tekno, that stuff never did anyone any favours!
Nor did 2Unlimited…


No no
No no, no no
No no, no no
No no
There’s no point…

46 of your earth years and residing by the Thames, here in the 'Shire after fleeing Gotham 7 years ago when Junior decided to come along.


58 years from Evian les Bains.
Influence: Guru guru, Can, Gong,Talking Heads…
I’m a Freezer musician


39 / London (Born and raised) - Industrial soundscapes and all things minimal


32 years old from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Started making music 20 years ago on Fast Tracker & Mad Tracker then stopped for a while and 3 years ago found way back into music with Push and Ableton. Now experimenting with OT, A4, MD and modular stuff without DAW :slight_smile:

Influenced by many many artist and music styles…


I’m 23 from Berlin.

Been making elektronik Musik for about a year now. But I used to play the drums for 8 odd years and I used to play around on ableton a lot.

Now I am into playing Live-Sets with hardware only. Center-piece being the Octatrack.

PM me If you’d like to meet up and jam! :slight_smile:


Louis andriessen is very popular in Holland