How old are you and where are you from?


Crap on a stick!! Looks like I have you all beat?!?

58…in El Lay, CA.

Don’t worry young ones, my students (college age) are going BAT SHIT over the Elektron instruments (me too actually). It is the shit! Not just for old people any more ;0

I listen to:
Louis Andriessen
Grizzly Bear
Eyvind Kang
Ulrich Kreiger
Little Jimmy Scott
Avey Tare
PJ Harvey
Kronos Quartet
Panda Bear
Julie Wolfe
JIm Tenney
Lou Reed
David Lang
Jon Dobie
Psychedelic Furs
Ray LeMontagne
Michael Gordon
Steve Lacey
Blonde Redhead
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Chill Out
David Bowie
My Music
Nick Cave
recorded w Subotnick
recorded w Zappa
recorded w Flea
recorded w Bang on a Can
recorded w The E A R Unit
so I kinda have to like it…

I use the Make Noise Shared System, Moog Werkstadt, Ableton, Reaktor…Mallet Kat, QuNeo, Push, DrumKat, AnalogRYTM, AnalogKeys, Mandala Drum, DITI, Theremin, photo resistors, thermometer…

xoxo, Amy


I am old and I come from the grim and frostbitten north. :smiling_imp:

Or in other words 44 and Helsinki Finland.

My musical background is in playing guitar and bass in heavier alt.-type bands, one of which got to somewhat serious level in the late 1990s. After that ended I got into doing electronic music, hiphop beats and downtempo whatnot, had a break for a couple of years and now have been getting back into making music again, geared mainly towards deeper techno.


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Retrospective perspectives (spinoff topic)

36, Berlin. Currently inspired by Downtempo EDM artists, who produce between 90 and 100 bpm and still manage to get the floor bouncing.

Any other Berliners on here?


38 Dublin.
I like melodic drone, aciiid, old dark jungle, breakcore, classical, sludge / doom metal, and carly rae jepsen.

Started Djing in the late 90s when i was 16, learned music on my bro’s atariST akai s3000 n hardware synths, went itb for years which sucked. barely remember my 20’s. barely remember my early 30s either.
Got an MD about 7 years ago n since then I’m fully hardware. hopefully ill remember this :slight_smile:


I’m 22 and from the East Midlands, about an hour north of London.

I’ve played in bands through uni and also make lofi BMSR-esque tracks with a Digitakt and SP404.

I work as a copywriter, hopefully trying to break into marketing in the music tech industry. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to write all day (like I do now) but about synths and samplers.


How do you get 0.5 of a cat?




41, Italy. Some years ago became addicted of metal boxes making weird sounds, now I’m spending most of my free time with it.
Find Elektron machines are the best for me: easy workflow, deep creative possibilities.


Russia, Volgograd. 23 years old.
Me like basically devices of Akai, Roland, Elektron, Tasty Chips.


Quantum physics paradox? No, actually one of our cats decided that she’d rather live out and about in the neighborhood and started coming “home” only about once a week.


I can appreciate any music thread that references Schrödinger. :happy:



34, Antwerp (Belgium).
Taking my first steps into the Elektron world with my new Digitakt, but I’ve been eyeing Elektron boxes for a while now.


37, from glorious Huddersfield but now living in Copenhagen. Bought an Octatrack in 2015 after many years of having no hardware and not really making any music. Tried a Machindrum for a bit but it felt ancient after the Octatrack and I realised I’m not really a fan of drum machine sounds. Constantly eyeing up a Rytm but have not gone there yet. Mk2 with sampling might push me over the edge.


38 years old, Louisville, KY USA but originally from Wisconsin USA and even though I moved south as a kid, I will always feel like the weird northerner though :slight_smile:


Go Packers!


At age 42, my wife, 12 year old son and I live in sun soaked and hurricane battered Tampa, Florida, USA. I began doing electronic music back in the mid 1990s and I still have much of what I purchased back then. I was a technology professional for much of the past 20 years but I decided to change fields and go into business for myself. I now work in finance, something I find incredibly interesting. So far it’s been enjoyable to combine my analytical mindset with my understanding of economics and love for problem solving.

I guess it was back in 2013 that I bought my Octatrack, which was my first Elektron instrument. Prior to that, I had some experience (through a band mate) with a SIDStation in the early 2000s. You could say it was early on that I recognized Elektron as a company to keep an eye on. :wink:

The beaches by us:


27, i’m from Belarus, Minsk.


Nice to see a wide range of ages of all the 'Nauts! I’m 47, live in Portland, Oregon at the moment, but plan on moving back to New Zealand next year (I’m American). I guess I write and play a range of electronic and acoustic worldish music. Mostly have a background as a bass player and percussionist and then Turkish bowed tanbur player for the last 13 years. Got into making “electronic music” using Cakewalk Sonar long ago and then Ableton since v. 4. Used that as a looper for my strings and percussion for some years before getting an OT in 2013. Sold that, tried advanced pedal loopers, regretted selling the OT and bought one in 2016. It’s been a crazy ride since :loopy:


Louis Andriessen has composed some of the wildest shit I’ve ever laid ears on, never heard him mentioned by anyone other than classical composers though. Awesome list of collaborators, will definitely check out your stuff :v:

I’m 28, Glasgow, playing in some bands, working on my own tunes, going to shows, etc etc. It’s a great city for friends and creativity.