How old are you and where are you from?


I’m 40 from UK (north midlands ish), I recently gave birth to a Rytm, and loved every minute since, still wrapping my head around some things, but insanely impressed with my investment - thanks Elektron!! will be incorp in new tracks going forward - check out Whakbionic on little struggling ants records (Swedish based label)


I love The Flower Kings. Brilliant music. Good to see you here.


40 from france


Hi Scot_Solida

Good to know there are some fellow proggers here:)

be well


Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a musicaholic…
People actually call me Open, and I try to be that way. My favorite color is purple, and I enjoy long psychedelic jamz on the beach. I just finished my 38th lap around the Sun. Born in Michigan in the U.S, I now spend most my days in the Sierra Nevada of Northern California. I used to play guitar in bands, but now I have a secret sonic laboratory in the woods. I think I see way more trees than people in a year. Did I mention I love music?
Wish you all the best.


hi cosmic, where in switzerland? i live in zurich :musical_keyboard:


36 and from The Netherlands… currently moving to Quebec! (And always looking for people to jam with, I miss my bands)

I play electro-acoustic jazzy improvised music with my husc ensemble (lot of elektron use) and I used to play and tour with bands. Again looking for jams across the pond, miss my bands, suck at playing solo :wink:


I’m 25 and live between Manchester and Leeds in the north of England, UK

I’ve made music since I was 16 and been through so many different styles. Now I kind of don’t really listen to that much music but miss the feeling of inspiration and the joy I used to get from it. A little young to be jaded no? I’ve had numerous hardware samplers and just finally managed to afford an OT. I want to move somewhere nearby now and just feel that things are happening around me again. where I live is rural and shitty and I miss when I lived in Brighton and I could walk to a bar and hear music any night of the week. Let me know if you live nearby

  • In my 50s, now living in California, but originally from Brooklyn. 2 kids, 1.5 cats, 1 husband.
  • I studied electronic music composition with Ivan Tcherepnin in an era before MIDI: I hooked an Apple ][ to a Serge Modular and made algorithmic music.
  • Software engineer by trade, build and ran the sound research group at Apple in the 80s.
  • Current music practice: I’m part of an all electronic live improvisation group. I primarily hold down the percussive end, with a Digitakt, controllers, and custom processing on a RaspberryPi.


Hey, everyone. I’m new. In my late 20’s, living in Southern California, finally taking music production seriously after like, a decade of messing around with DAWs and making ‘beats’. Limited music theory knowledge, trying to change that. I work a boring office job and spend all day dreaming about being back home with my synths. Rocking a JP-08, TR-09, Volca Bass/Volca Kick/Volca FM, PO-12 and an Octatrack. My current jams are dancefloor oriented, but my best friend and I recorded a bit of ambient/‘beatless’ improvisation (his Minilogue into the OT, lots of sampling/mangling loops of his playing) and I quite enjoyed it. Might have to try some more of that.


41, Scotland


I’m 30. I’m in the states. Currently in Louisville, KY(though soon either Chicago, Boston, or NYC)(I’ve stopped switching gear like a madman, and apparently have opted to change residences like one).

I’m inspired by Mogwai, Bonobo, Aphex Twin, and Clark- and I can’t stick to “a sound”.


Thank you for your service!!!


Gosh, I was so young and naive back then, but look at me now. :upside_down_face:


29, New York City


Victoria BC Canada. 38


24, Berlin :slight_smile: Other people from berlin interested in making music: contact me :slight_smile:


Which town ? Im from Quebec btw :slight_smile:


Been hanging around here for a while but didn’t notice this thread before…

41, now living, raising family and doing research in Canberra, Australia (the capital in fact :wink: ) but originally from Germany, grown up on the northern fringes of the Ruhrgebiet, have lived in the US and Swizerland in the last 10 years as well…

Very early inspiration and kindling of fascination with synthesisers courtesy of Kraftwerk and my parents’ reel-to-reel tape recorder. Today I listen to too many different styles of music to list here, but I am trying to pursue technoid electronic styles myself in the little spare time I have…

If there are any people from the greater ACT area: it would be great to hear from you!