How old are you and where are you from?


50 years old, currently living in Hutchinson, Kansas. Born in Kansas City, lived in Colorado and Arizona for much of my life. I’ve been making electronic music for over 35 years, having started in 1980 when I became fascinated with a friend’s Casio VL-Tone. Got one of my own pretty quick. After seeing Gary Numan perform “Praying to the Aliens” on television and The Cars live at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, I was determined to get a proper synth. I went in halves on a Moog Rogue with a friend and got my own Roland SH-09 a short time later. Countless synths, samplers, sequencers and other instruments later, I caught the Elektron bug only a year ago when a friend mentioned that Elektron’s parameter locks might be an interesting alternative to what I was doing with the sequencers on my massive modular system (sort of modular ‘wavesequencing’) as well as a more interactive way to do the sort of vocal treatments I did with Kyma. Started with the Octatrack in November of '15 and now a year later I’ve added Monomachine, A4 and Machinedrum.

I have a wide range of musical influences, from art rock (Roxy Music, Bowie, BeBop Deluxe) and prog (old Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, IQ, Arena, etc) to early Industrial (Throbbing Gristle, Factrix, Skinny Puppy), goth rock (Sisters, Tones on Tail, Play Dead). I love The Virgin Prunes, Tuxedomoon and harbor a special affection for The Legendary Pink Dots (who eventually became label-mates and friends). Of late, I’ve been digging Sonoio and Xeno and Oaklander. If it makes me think, I probably like it.

EDIT: How could I forget to list space music? Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, et al?


40 from Berkel en Rodenrijs (a little town right above Rotterdam) the Netherlands.

Electronic music lover since the 90s, digging Orbital, Underworld, Massive Attack, Ejeca, Plasticman, Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, and a whole bunch more… :slight_smile:


30 last week woohoo! I’m from Slovenia. New first lady of America comes from this little country… :innocent:
I grew up on jungle breaks hiphop and funk, now I dig future garage and ambient with some flavour of hiphop.
What I make now is more or less ambient triphop something something something tralala :smile:


47 living in Minneapolis, MN.

Primarily a guitarist so coming at synths and sampling from a different direction.

I like retrowave, 8-bit, Prince, alt-pop or as I think of it: sounds from my childhood.


The well known town from my very early years.


Lol, how big are the odds…


33 from Poland, living in Oslo
First steps on Amiga trackers.
After that was age of Fl studio and Reason now completely dawless setup.


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Turbo Kid, Stranger Things, Kung Fury… :totes:


46 years young Scotland


33 . Lecce (South Italy) . Starting being impressed at 12 and influenced by mid-90 Trance music, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Depeche Mode, then Fischerspooner, Amon Tobin, BOC, Tipper and more…


31, Berlin. Can’t stop collecting synths and drum machines. Please don’t tell my wife, I told her I’m better now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone in Berlin wants to jam?


44, Switzerland / Australia


I’m Alexander I’m 28 years old and from Belgium. I got inspired by a underground techno scene called Tekno and the psychedelic version of this called mental so Mental Tekno. favorite label Dune artists Drone, Acidupdub…


I am 51, born in Berlin, left Berlin with the age of 35 and moved near to Munich. 2007 I moved to Barcelona. In Summer I will live here then 10 Years . Was working in Berlin at E-werk, was founder of Vereinsheim in Berlin, was nearly 10 years quite active in the Berlin Clubscene, made flyers with 3D. I am IT specialist and generalist. Done allmost everything with it. But never touched a music program. When the APC40 came out I was starting and touching music software.


25 Finland :slight_smile:


Your music is super


Thanks! Glad to hear! (if that comment was for me)


Yes Sai, for you :slight_smile:


I’m 57 from Sweden.

Been touring around the globe for the last 30 years with our band The Flower Kings. (progressive rock)
As an old fart & and being a keyboarder I have my roots among guys like, Rick Wakeman, Patric Moraz, Jobson …

When it comes to synth music my influences are Tomita, Jarre & Vangelis.