How happy are you with your Rytm?


Pressing play while holding stop restarts the pattern, this gets a lot of use


> Pressing play while holding stop restarts the pattern, this gets a lot of use

Awesome, I guess I need to re-RTFM !


I had an LXR and sold it to fund buying the AR. The thing is an unfinished one-man project and last time I checked the developer wasn’t working on it anymore. It has no built-in memory, and in the vanilla firmware you had to load your work from an SD card manually every time you switched it on. It also had some issues with MIDI clock/ receiving MIDI notes. There were issues with clicking noises from buggy envelopes. There is a lot of clutter and potential for confusion in the UI and a lot of abbreviated parameter names to scroll through…The mute/track select buttons were unreliable too… maybe it was that I had a bad build - the buttons are of the stiff, clicky type with very very short travel and were not much fun. The user guide is a wiki… etc etc.
It can make some nice sounds and I guess for the price it’s OK if you can put up with the mess.


Curious what you think is the advantage to sequencing the A4 from the Digitakt vs on the A4 itself?


Old thread, but just to add my 2 cents… I have Digitakt, A4, Rytm. My thoughts:

  • Digitakt feels a bit like a retarded brother of Rytm. Some say it’s got “cleaner” sound but once I got used to param slides, mutes, analog overdrive etc. on AR I missed them on Digitakt. I really like the size of Digitakt, though the other side of this is that AR has better workflow - safe / load kit / sound / pattern vs reload pattern on Digitakt.

  • A4, for my tastes, makes better drums than AR. That’s very subjective I guess. I make techno. Some stuff you just can’t synthesise, but what you can sounds better on A4 for me, and it’s much easier to make subtle changes to the sound. 2 filters, 2 lfos, envelopes. Chorus is very nice too. No distortion, but you can overdrive A4 ladder filter (one per voice). Only 4 voice vs AR 8 voices but they there is so much more sound scape!! Also A4 engine can lock entire synth sound per trig - just like lock sample in A4 - pretty amazing, so for evolving techno loops this box is incredible.

AR synth engines don’t do it for me, but still there’s something really nice about it’s workflow, mute / chromatic / performance modes that no other box got.


Please don’t use terms like “retarded.” It’s insulting and makes you sound immature.


I have a DT and AR. I replaced my TR8 (and tons of processing units like compressors) with the AR. So far, I love the pair. The AR really has tons of different workflow options and possible sounds.

  • Sounds great. I use it with samples mostly and edge in the analog when needed.
  • Nice processing options. Quality reverb, delay, per track overdrive and bit reduction, master distortion and compressor (which comps the audio in too) (all with full parameter control… Roland, take note)
  • The sample start isn’t fine enough, sometimes hitting a transient is impossible.
  • Toms are just a bit weak compared to the nice 909 style detuned osc, but usable.

I’ll probably get an AR MKII eventually.


I have a DT and a ARMKii with the same samples loaded into the 2 units. Night and day would be the difference between the output from the 2 Elektron units.

The Rytm sounds far better to my ears, its warmer and a more rounded, “phatter” sound. The DT sounds harsher and more brittle believe it or not.

Im extremely happy…i have started to use the analogue engine less and think more about sampled kits. Just adding a little of the engine in the kick and toms…using it this way its the best drum machine i have encountered…


I don’t think I will ever sell my RYTM :+1:


I will never sell my RYTM Mk 1 :grin:


I didn’t sell my MK1 when I got the MK2. That means I’m pretty happy, I guess.


Double happy?


I needed this thread.
I love my RYTM for all things stated above, but lately I’ve been wondering if I could replace it with a second A4. This is really just based on how the perf macros work on the A4 vs the RYTM.
If the RYTM didn’t have the DVCO update, I might have swaped it out for an A4, but the DVCO is just massive in sound, I freaking love it!


Can anyone point to a video that covers the synthesis machines on the RYTM?


I have both, and vastly prefer the scene/ macro system of the AR.

  1. There are no track parameters that are off limits on the AR.
  2. Scenes would be godsend on the A4.


Very happy with my AR mkII, after going through a Digitakt and Model:Samples before. I’m using it for samples most of the time, and occasionally synthesis (or layering both).

It would be nice to have the finer resolution of the Start parameter like the DT, but most of the time I’m preparing my samples on my computer before transferring so it’s not a big deal. Song Mode is a more important feature for me, so that plus the analog filters really helped me decide to go with the AR.

At the moment my main complaint has to do with Elektron devices in general, not specifically the AR. If I want to create a pattern with 4 measures containing 14 steps, the device should be able to display that pattern as 14/14/14/14 instead of the Elektron way of 16/16/16/8. I can chain together 4 patterns instead, one bar each…but that isn’t ideal. Other manufacturers do it the “right” way.


They would.
However, once I get some tracks dialed into a project, I like having knobs instead of pads.


@JuanSOLO I control the AR performance pads via the A4 encoders and vice versa…

btw. I love my rytm too (rytm and a4 combo)


Rytm = tuff sounds!
I am HAPPY with mine.

Not terribly happy with the pads…[somehow add pads sensitivity :slight_smile: ] but def not a deal breaker.


how happy? happy enough that I’m considering buying a temporary backup one to use while mine goes in for repair. the pads are acting up. so…yeah not 100% happy with the pads! otherwise, love it.