How happy are you with your Rytm?


Still cannot figure out why in the hell there wasn’t an easy way to manage samples from the day one. Definitely a blocker.


Thanks for the fantastic rundown. I did not know this about the Retrokits cable!

I know exactly what you mean. I never bonded with the Dave Smith Desktop Evolver for precisely those reasons and sold it even though it sounded great.

I would normally be scared of the A4 menu diving, BUT I feel like several months with the Digitakt has given me a basic primer on Elektron machines to build upon, and the Overbridge display should give me a nice overview of all the parameters to learn on as I get used to the menu options.

I have never gotten too deep with midi sequencing, so for now I’m going to start practicing by midi’ing up my Volcas to the Digitakt before I take the plunge on the A4.

The question is should I sell my Volcas (Bass, Keys, and Kick) to help finance the A4 or keep them around since I can run them through the A4’s effects. Hmmmmmmm.


Will try it right now thx


Would love to try some Rytm samples on my DT. Any idea if there a sample pack available anywhere?


Here you go:


I just sold my Rytm, not because I didn’t like it but because I thought I would put money towards the mkII.
But then I got allured into buying some eurorack, Plonk and Pamela’s new workout.
Now I almost have enough money for a DK which I have owned before so I will get that.

I used to love sitting down with the Rytm and coming up with a groove, I would probably buy another one, but one thing I noticed was that it was harder to get a clean / tight drum groove out it. Things would get a bit wooly, no doubt my lack of expertise. When I did own the DK I though it sounded very full and fat with overdrive. Just hope I can come up with the same techno inspired tracks I used to with the Rytm.


Completely agree about the mature sound. It’s distinctive, and I’m sure everyone goes through phases where they think it is crap, but seems completely comfortable in its own sonic skin.


Sample transfer def’ needs improving so looking forward to the update.
Only issue i had with mine was some pad sensitivity trigger issue but fully solved this with deoxit faderlube after dismantling.


Let us know how it works out!


Will do😉


as for selling the volcas - I love having at least one ”1 function per knob” synth with my elektrons. Having those knobs there accessible anytime is a good complement to the elektrons where you always need to be in a specific ”mode” to work the encoders. YMMV as usual tho

(the above only applies to jamming/playing live)


the volcas can really be useful with plocks, that whats been keeping them around my studio.


Only had mine for a week, but I’m over the moon with it. It’s crazy inspiring working with an Elektron box again, and this one is a winner. It sounds just gorgeous, and is a lot of fun to use. I’m just getting lost making patterns and sounds on this thing. I’m tempted to pair it with an A4, but it’s also quite tempting to just be working with one machine. It’s beyond me how anyone can think the AR sounds crap, but each to their own. :slight_smile:




still in the honeymoon


Ok it has, got a pattern that is really what it should sound like :grin::grin:. I’m glad just needed some more time and experimenting. Go rytm!!


Has anyone bought this sample pack? Considering it to use with my DT.


Best drum machine ever… There are some minor niggles like a lack of a proper Fill function and no instant restart ability (Hit Play -or a dedicated button- while playing to instantly jump back to the start of the pattern). Also the sample upload on the MK1 really sucks (slooow). Why should we have to fork out another 20 bucks for a third party app to get modern day sample transfer speeds???

But it blows everything else away IMO.
Wish they wouldn’t have bumped up the price so much for the MK2 by including the sampling option.


Yes, good samples. Just be aware that the unprocessed ones do need processing. I think that’s great but before overbridge is implemented I don’t think it’s practical with regards to digitakt. The layered samples (same pack) might be a different story. Haven’t tried them


yeah the price diff + the money lost selling an MK1 means you could buy a Digitakt and keep the Mk1 and still be under budget compared to the new shiny toy