How happy are you with your Rytm?


i’ve had my rytm since the middle of 2015.
it’s been solid, constantly surprising and pure fun.
it can sound monstrous and spacious or tiny and tight.
it really became a dream when coupled with MD midi LFOs.
mutating warm beast of thwump.

it makes me happy when i use it, as do all elektron machines i’ve tried.


Different strokes I guess. I much prefer the freedom of using a single digit (as opposed to 2) to engage a macro. Not to mention the AT access afforded by the pads.

I guess it’s possible you don’t know about the retrig button trick to retain applied depths, but I feel like everyone knows about that one at this point.


You could try this video. There’s a few out there if you search “rytm Dual VCO”.



I keep meaning to try this, thanks for the reminder!


I do but it’s just a different sensation.
I love the RYTMS perf mode, but it’s not made for accuracy, but it’s definitely made for live expression on in a way.
Thing is, the A4 makes some wicked drums.
I could see drum sounds being morphed into melodies/bass lines on the A4 using perf macros, more than the RYTM.
Again, I’m just spitballing here.
I don’t think I’ll ever break up the dark trinity, just add to it. All 3 are the perfect beast.


I feel that I’m getting to know it better. The AR stays, DT goes.

Hopefully OT comes :wink:


I owned OT mk1, DN, A4 mk1 and sold them all but not the Rytm mk1. So yeah, I’m still happy with it after 2 years. Although during the last month I got that “burnt screen” thing which is annoying, just as the warranty ran out.


High praise indeed!

If (when :disappointed_relieved:) the screen issue happens with mine, I might look at a replacement -
(but I’d get someone else to install it, I’m a complete bodge with DIY hehe)


DO get someone to do it. Those screens are in TITE.
I murdered my MD trying to do it myself.

And AGAIN thanks to elektron they helped me sort out the murder and helped me bring my MD back to life.

Thank you again elektron.


Forgive my ignorance. What are you referring to?


I guess it would be -
In Perf mode > press Perf macro pad(s) (and hold) > press [Retrig] > release Pad.
The value of the individual Perf will be held. Press the pad(s) again in Perf mode to revert to zero.


you push on a performance pad, hold retrig button and let go the performance pad, while still holding the retrig button (you can than let go retrig button) - this way the depth of the push of the performance pad is stored until touching the pad again… works for multiple pads too… and is far easier than it sounds when i describe it :wink:


Great! Didn’t know about that one :slight_smile:


Just a general question to you all. Do you have other drum machines and how much do you like your Rytm? I’ve had mine for about a year and a half and I still feel like I’m trying to convince myself to like it. I mean it’s awesome, has great capabilities and everything, but I just don’t use it much. Compare that with the fact that I just bought an MPC Live and a Tanzbar 2 a couple months before that and they’re all I’ve been using. I never used the Rytm like this. Maybe it’s because of the steeper learning curve on the Rytm? I’ve got the Rytm pretty much figured out now though… Perhaps it’s because the Live has a totally different set of abilities so It’s in it’s own category. But then, the Tanzbar 2 I’ve loved it since I opened the box. It sounds amazing. Nothing from the Rytm blows me away like the Tanzbar does. The analog sounds from the Rytm, even with tons of tweaking, just don’t do much for me. I’d like to hear any and all opinions of those willing to comment on this. Thanks.


Well it could very well be that it’s just not your thing.

I’ve had a TR909, Xbase09, Rave-o-lution 309 and Spectralis before getting a Machinedrum, which for me blows all these away. Fast forward 10 years and I now also have an AR2, which I love dearly, and fills many of the gaps I felt the MD had. No other drum machine appeals to me at the moment.


Perhaps, BUT I WANT TO LOVE IT! I think I love the idea of it more than the unit itself.


I had a tanzbar 2 and returned it very quickly as although the sounds it makes are pleasing they werent very good drums sounds at all imo. Maybe its just not for you.


I really think that the Rytm should be used with samples along with it’s analog engine. That way of using it makes it the best drum machine available IMO. I would quickly get bored if I only used it with the analog machines and with the music I make there’s no need to. Then it’s quite noteworthy that the samples you play with it actually get an analog character so that’s a great bonus.

I do think that it takes a good deal of practice and careful tweaking to get really good sounds and beats with it. I am pretty much only using one project with many patterns of course which I continually return to and improve. Remember to use the compressor as it really adds to the production value. So I’m very happy with it.


agreed. it definitely adds some nice grit to samples, especially with the bit depth and analog overdrive options. I like taking a sample and using that as the starting place for a given sound, then adding a bit of the analog engine to add whatever I feel the sample lacks.

part of liking/not liking the RYTM comes down to musical taste and styles too. for certain styles, I can see being underwhelmed by it. if you’re after the standard TR-X0X boxes, for example, you probably don’t want it.


very very happy with mine. I thought for a while that I’d want to ditch it for a TR8S, but after using the roland for a few months I realized I’ve been irreparably spoiled by Elektron sequencing and that it matters the most to me when composing rhythms.

I had been kidding myself for a moment that the Rytm isn’t very immediate, but after 4 years with OT & Rytm, I’m just as fast on it as I am with the TR - especially when you want to modify anything other than pitch, decay, and track volume.

at this point I pretty much just use the BD and BT and dual VCO engines for analog tones, and otherwise use samples. this is not a waste or an underutilization of the instrument’s potential by any means given the power of the sequencer, analog filters & overdrive sections, and performance macros!

not to trash the TR8S - it sounds perfect with minimal fuss and is very fun and fast to operate. but I know now that I can’t be without conditional trigs, microtiming, and elektron-style parameter locks when programming drums.