How happy are you with your Rytm?


I’m looking to buy either a Rytm or a Digitakt. I currently own an A4 and an original Machinedrum.

Are you happy with your AR? Would you buy it again knowing what you know now?

Which drum machine to accompany Analog Four?

Most certainly. It’s a wonderful, highly versatile machine. As far as the analogue engines go, I know a lot of people have expressed disappointment, but with time and commitment to working on your synthesis skills, you can really make that thing bite. The only argument I can possibly see for buying a Digitakt over a RYTM is if MIDI sequencing is important to you.

EDIT: or cost.


I’ve had the RYTM twice and let it go for a Nord drum. I only liked two of the synth voices but of course miss the sequencer.
The a4 drums pretty good too.


I love having the rytm as my drummer. I think it’s extremely powerful more so than gets recognized sometimes because it’s easier to use, but the level of modulation from the sequencer with its plocks and performance features over a box full of analog is outrageous. I’ve had one for a few years and haven’t even loaded a sample, getting great sounds from the analog. Plan on never selling mine and repairing if needed…


on my second AR …

the love for the rytm comes in sine waves … it goes up and down.

I never use any samples!

so … on occasion I get bored and annoyed by the AR … and then I come back to it and think its a miracle machine.

after all : it is an analog drum machine… if you hear an unprocessed 808 or 909 it would not blow your socks off either … but the ar will. bring in processing and treatment then you got your answer.

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IMO The rytm is currently the most advanced and versatile drum machine ever built. The way it combines samples and analog sound engines is just so inspiring and fun. Will never ever sell mine.


I love the analog sound. Pretty much never use samples - mostly because the management and transferring is so damn horrible. And I hate the project/kit structure, compared to MD.

9/10 would buy again

PS: if only it would sample…


Bought and sold 2 of these. First time around (pre “big” update) I never really gave it a chance and let it go pretty quickly. Regretted it and got myself a second one to spend time with. Just not for me so sold it on.

On one hand, it really is the most advanced drum machine around and far exceeded my expertise (or lack of rather!). It’s got depth and a great feature set. So why sell? A few reasons. I didn’t find it that much fun in all honesty. I wasn’t a fan of the analogue sounds I was producing. And while I thought samples sounded fantastic through it, really great in fact, you really need to make sure you samples are fully prepped before loading them in (sample engine has a number of limitations).

I guess you could say I was too lazy. Have to hold my hands up and admit to being badly spoiled by vst’s/DAW’s over the years and just happier in that space when it comes to drums.


Couldn’t be happier.

Things I like the most that are somewhat unique to it:

  • The big open sound and how it makes sterile samples come to life.
  • Scenes AND Performance macros, on one machine.
  • 10 analog outputs.

It’s the Elektron that I feel is most capable to be used by itself for a complete tune.


AR has to be the funkiest of all the Elektrons.


Probably the best drum machine I ever have in my hand. There’s nothing i dislike on it… nearly the perfection to me


I traded mine away a couple months ago to focus on the MDUW for my percussion needs, to raise some cash, and to get an A4 again. It was a fantastic trade, definitely loving the A4 more and fitting the A4 into my setup easier than the AR.

However listening to the tracks I’m making now with just the MDUW compared to with the AR in there the AR definitely has a more acoustic vibe that I’m missing more and more with each day. And there are a few tricks more easily done on the AR that take some work to recreate on the MDUW. The amp and envelope being the thing(I really miss messing around with the attack on the snare drum).

Also, melody making obvs.

If anybody wants to trade an AR for an OT(never gigged) HMU :smiley:


add in the fact that samples and the drum synth voices can be play chromatically and then stack performance macros, its a killer machine.


Its bonza mate!


In my opinion, it doesnt get any better, even with the warts.


The Digitakt’s capability to midi sequence external modules is a big selling point for me on the Digitakt, but I love the idea and sound of analog drums.


You’ve got a bit of a choice on your hands then.


There’s something to be said to be able to stack two sound sources on one track. Effectively doubling the voices of the AR, a unique feature vs the other Elektrons. I’ll p’lock the F out of the sample page! :loopy:


Spend all your money, borrow some money, buy them both! Have a fantastic time playing music while scrapping around for things to eat, it’s the musicians way! lol


AR also has its performance tricks that the DT won’t have, you can get alot mileage just out of that. The DT might be a good choice since you already the MD. Also the DT is going to have its unique features with sample manipulation that the AR won’t have.