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is there a way to add retrig to scenes?


Hey Cenk !
thank you for your e-mail, I thought I’d reply on here for everyone’s benefit :slight_smile:

Sample loading is hardly workable, for the following reasons :

  • no names makes organizing a real guessing game
  • samples get replaced seemingly randomly, we cannot load new samples now without replacing old ones, no matter what we try (load anything to anything, sound, etc…)
  • we haven’t found a way to audition samples before loading them to the project pool

so, the process is lengthy, tedious, unreliable, and frustrating. 2.5 mb for max size is not working either, we’re not having success with anything over 2 mbs.

we have spent all day from 10 this morning trying to figure out a reliable method of loading, auditioning and assigning samples. So yes, from my very limited experience, the sampling side of the Rytm is completely borked right now. We’ve pretty much given up, and will eagerly wait the much anticipated improvements you mentioned.

Here’s what I’d like to see :

  • names for samples
  • a way to audition samples in the incoming folder
  • a reliable sample transfer that doesn’t overwrite existing samples
  • the max length transferable increased to reasonable amounts (we’re in 2014, 2mb samples just don’t cut it)

I am very much aware that this is all coming up, and appreciate the fact that once again, we’re working with what is effectively a very beta product, with advertized features missing, and a very dodgy sampling side, however, as it stands, I will wait a few before ordering one :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Edit : it sounds beastly though !!
The stuff you would like to see is on the way, so relax and use the samples included and get to know what the machine can do :slight_smile:


Heya Cenk !
I’m very relaxed, and am sorry if the stern tone of my post may have suggested otherwise !
I’m obviously very much in love with this new instrument, it sounds incredible, the low end is very special. One thing I’ve noticed as well is how well the sounds mesh together, it sounds like one would need very little additional EQ. It sounds processed and polished right out of the box, which puts it in a league of its own compared to its main competitor (Tempest).
I’m actually quite ok with the sampling side taking its time, as I have the OT and MD if I need to sample stuff in :slight_smile: We also got into the performance and scene modes, and clearly, only barely scratched the surface. It’s a machine that begs exploration, and dare I say it, the best sounding Elektron box to date (it’s a matter of personal taste really)
Cheers, looking forward to the future developments.


I’ve been able to send samples one at a time with C6. I just increase the sample position number each time and it loads it in the next slot. I was also able to create the directory that Cenk mentioned and load samples there. Rename etc.

It’s very slow but it does work if you need that special sample!

Plenty to explore in the meantime.



If Elektron history is a good indicator, I would think that AR a year from now, and two years out, will have all sorts of new features and goodies under the hood. I wouldn’t sweat the lack of a few things, considering there’s so much there to start off with.

From everything I’ve seen, heard, read the AR is an absolute out-of-the park homerun! Patiently waiting for mine…


AGREED :+1: ! just waiting in line. cant wait to pair up with my TR-909 :alien:


Latching ReTrig.
Hold ReTrig & Pad of your choice. Once rolling, release ReTrig keeping the pad depressed & hit Mute. ReTrig now holds indefinitely until you leave Mute page & press the pad again.
(Chromatic/Scene/Perf pages work too.)


Can someone do a step by step “idiots guide” to loading samples including how to move them etc.?

This is the only party of the AR that I’m struggling with when using it . I see C6 sending the sample using USB, but then I go to incoming and see just the following:

… (D)

What’s next!

Also, because my MD is not +Drive enabled and we have not upgraded our A4 to the +Drive, is the +Drive implementation and structure in the AR the same as on the MD, A4, etc.? Would reading about it in the manual of one of the other Elektron boxes bring one up to speed on how the +Drive works in the AR?


^ select 0. That is your sample.
You just need to rename it.
I hear future o/s will allow sample name transfer?


Ok I must be really thick right now, but once I’ve found and renamed the sample how do I get it into a kit? :sob:

My MDUW and O8 took very little for me to figure out but for some reason the sample moving, renaming, loading on the AR is just not gelling with me. I’m not talking about loading the factory samples as that’s easy enough.

So can someone please point out to me the workflow from once a sample is in the incoming folder, to how do you get it to where you can load it into a sample slot.


In Global / Sample / Incoming right click sample and select load to project. The sample should now be available in the upper right hand corner of the sample page labeled SMP.


Does this automatically assign the sample to the next free sample slot or does it overwrite existing samples?

EDIT/UPDATE - I went ahead and loaded the sample and it was placed in the next empty slot.


Puts it to the next free. You should find it at the bottom of the factory samples


Ha ha I think we posted at almost exactly the same time!


:slight_smile: I am glad it’s working for you!


How do I get a note to stretch over several trigs without retriggering it? I’m guessing this is really simple but I can’t figure it out.


Reading all these sample loading issues makes me wonder why Elektron chose to use C6 as a sample loading tool instead of just using USB transfer like with the Octatrack. C6 is a “usable” tool in the best case scenario and I feel noone will prefer using it any more than absolutely necessary.

Why choose a sluggish and technically outdated procedure to load samples in a 2014 machine?


The Analog Rytm supports the Extended SDS sample dump standard, in which the sample name IS included.

However, you need the very latest C6 version (1.5) from the Elektron website in order to get the Extended SDS support (it also needs to be ticked in the config menu). Previous versions of C6 did not support Extended SDS, hence the lack of name transmission in these versions.

SDS is slightly lacking in its performance due to handshaking. There will be more efficient methods of sample transfer to RYTM in future, but right now you need to rely on Extended SDS, which is an industry-standard after all!


  • Use C6 v1.5.
  • Tick both “Use Extended SDS” and “Use SDS Handshake” in config menu.
  • On AR, go to you +DRIVE sample folder where you want to receive, and select “Upload Here” in the left menu.
  • Start sending your samples.



Thanks for the info!

Quick question - what and/or how is the “SDS Rec Format” used?

Also where is the best place to read up on the structure and implementation of the +Drive?