How do I do it thread


Since the quick start guide is limited I thought we could help each other out by sharing tips and tricks.

I’m wondering if there is a setting for the sensitivity of the pads? My ableton push has that feature but I can’t find it on the AR. Anyone?


the nord drum 2 has that too. I looked last night because I wanted to effect the after touch. still have not seen anything.

It seems like a tweak to come in the future?


No sensivitiy settings for the pads currently


I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, and I’m wondering about assigning voices to outputs. I’m assuming that everything is sent to the main L & R outs by default, but is it possible to remove voices from the main outs?

For instance, can I connect the individual BD and snare outputs to two inputs on my mixer, and then use the main outs for everything else, and somehow specify that the BD and snare voices not be heard in the main L & R outs?


Yes you can with Track Routing. The sounds always come out their individual outs but you can choose which ones are sent to the stereo outs as well or just to the FX so the wet signal comes out the stereo bus.


The routing assignments can be set to global for all kits or on a kit to kit basis.


Hopefully that will be possible in the future because they are way too insensitive. I need to tap really hard to get a full sound.




So with track routing, is there any flexibility for the external input? Can you route that to the FX sends in any way? Still waiting for mine to ship!


I don’t think you can route the external input in any way; it just comes in and goes through the compressor.


Ok, got it. Thanks for the confirmation.


Is it possible to set the swing to 0? Lowest possible is 50 it seems. Explanation?


50 means “no swing”.

^ Check out the very beginning of this article with Roger Linn. Elektron’s swing looks to be implemented in the same way.


Hopefully that will be possible in the future because they are way too insensitive. I need to tap really hard to get a full sound. [/quote]
I am pretty sure there will be a setting for that in the close future :slight_smile:


Hopefully that will be possible in the future because they are way too insensitive. I need to tap really hard to get a full sound. [/quote]
If you want a full velocity sound you can hit the appropriate trig button.


^ That’s right, you can, as long as the record button is not solid red. You can press record and play together and then hit the relevant trig buttons to play full velocity hits. It’s taking some getting used to the sensitivity of the pads, but it’s getting easier, they’re loosening up for me a bit.

I have a question. I’m failing at Scene mode right now. So I can see that some of the preset patterns have blue highlighted buttons, which if pressed, change the parameters. Sounds interesting, but how do I set up my own ones?


Press the function button and the pad for the scene you want create / edit. A new overlay opens up in the display. From there you can parameter lock settings as you would in the sequencer. It’s kinda fiddly at first, because it’s a new thing, but I guess it’ll become second nature after a while.

Creating performance macros is done the same way.


Sending samples over to the Rytm seems a little unfriendly - unless I’m missing something?

Send the samples over singly or in batches, using C6. They’re dumped in the “Incoming” folder of your project. From their they can be renamed / loaded to the project / deleted.

Any names they had while on your hard drive have been lost in transit, so if you transfer 11 samples at the same time, they’re just called 1,2,3,4,5 etc. when they arrive.

So you rename them, and then they’re saved in the pool for that project, from where they can be loaded in the project?

Am I missing something, or just doing it wrong?


^^The sample names will be transferable very soon!

You can also set up a Directory to receive your samples rather than the incoming. Check the side menus by pressing Left and right, helps a lot organizing your folders.

Or press FUNCTION + PAD :slight_smile: