Hollow justifications for buying gear


I’m all for “use the tools, don’t be one” but I’ve definitely experienced nicks and cuts through mishandling the double-edged blade of flexibility. I no longer seek one single tool ‘in a box’ solutions.


“It’s a classic and won’t be on the market for long” - pretty shitty in times with lots of “reissues” and has resulted in a bit of a Roland Boutique pile of shame in my basement :smiley:


add axoloti to that game.


Sometimes I close my portable 12U so I can focus on making music.


I grew a beard.


a few Axolotis. this matters )


… if I don’t like it I can get my money back…
Or treat any loss as a rental fee…

… I can return it in xxxx days (whatever store policy might be) if I don’t like it .


I frequently think of all the things I haven‘t bought, saving insane amounts of money in the process, which, of course, deserves a reward.

Another one is slowly approaching the amount of money I‘m ready to spend, along the lines of „ if x € is ok, x+y € is ok, too“, can be repeated until a Moog One or the latest IPad Pro doesn‘t look so outrageous anymore. Unfortunately, I have a strong tendency to go for top of the line stuff…

Ah, the miracle that the human psyche is…


I only live once, so there is no possibilitie to take the money with me… Better spend it now than never ;)…


“Buy cheap, buy twice” :rofl:


It’s almost Xmas anyway! :gift:


Also a lot of these sub 1000 dollar toys and many 500 dollar toys are deeper than we think. The way the market is setup is instead of spending 1200 on a solid synth you can spend 700 on a mono synth that is paraphonic and 500 on a basic analog drum machine. Two devices made by different manufacturers and you spend more time figuring out your setup rather than playing.

Just an after thought. Who am
I to complain about low price gear?


I hear you. What I meant to say, though was that I easily fall for being upsold stuff. If I wanted a Prologue for example, I’d never get the 8 voice, just because there’s also the 16 voice, which I may not even need - but what if?


Oh yea. What if I play 16 notes at once? You won’t. What if I run out of polyphony ? You won’t ? Hahaha. A lot of these patches take the headroom out where if you used all 16 voices your song would just be a synth track with drums almost down to 0. :rofl::joy:


Yeah, but let’s face it: that mono station is a much better light show than a virus.


Maybe a solo synth reprise within a track? Really drag the atmosphere out

Edit: it’s not a matter if you need all 16 voices. It’s a matter of- what if you need 9 voices


then, Blofeld is a toy. OK.

but how did you know that i want second Blofeld? :grinning:


All the time companies try to sell me stuff through commercials, social media, email, even at the gas station (real gas station I mean) and telling me that I need all that stuff or that it is 50% off, etc… Trying to trick me all the time and manipulate my mind (even my unconscious mind) into sneaky ways of commercialism and let me buy all that stuff.

Therefore I always try to be one step ahead of them, and just buy it before they can even put it on me…that how I still feel I am at least in control.

And yes, I always leave the gas station with 2 milky-way bars instead of 1, but at least I can enjoy the smug on the face of the guy behind the counter


You’re a hero to us all.


My bad. Let me clarify. I think that since there are many good boxes that are small in size people refer to them as Toys. Self included. Then you realize how deep those boxes can get. It’s easy to disregard a lot of them since they go on sale so often and are small in size. The small size makes you feel like you should fill another space in your performance desk.

Hopefully that makes sense.