Hollow justifications for buying gear


I only live this life once, FFS!


I still have my (mint) RM1x, because “one day drums, you know…”

Bought an Octatrack MK2, because “I just got another boy!”

Bought a Squarp Pyramid, because “My eyes don’t read a screen so well…”

and the list goes on…

ps - Still have my near-mint Access VirusB, because of “Analogue, you know…”


ps2 - why do we not get badges here like on the Squarp site? I want my stinkin’ badges!


same here — using RM1x as the brain (and as an ultra-capable drum machine), planning Pyramid.
but the latter is not going to happen soon.

and was looking at Virus B, but suddenly found Command Station XL-7.




To be fair, product endorsements whether official or inferred make the music industry go round. So it’s kind of hard to resist the aspirational pull of… the glamorous life. :slightly_smiling_face:

But when I examine my own gear purchasing habits there is a degree of emptiness no matter how cleverly I attempt to justify it. But without love it ain’t much.


expensive synths/guitars will hold or even increase their value over time. So it’s an long-term investment like buying a real estate


This. Plus one day I hope my son will inherite all the cool stuff I bought and make phantastuc tunes as he has time to learn all of it in depth. Where I failed he shall shine :smile:


“Cuz it’s cursed”


A Waldorf Quantum will save me so much valuable time compare to wasting away on Serum.


Buying this sample pack of drums will stop me from spending all Sunday recording single shots

Listens to every drum shot I just bought. Well looks like I need to spend all Sunday recording drum hits from records I like :sob:


much more effective than sample packs imo


And I thought I had gear problems… There’s something particularly unsettling about a cursed sampler rather than a synthesizer. Are the samples also cursed? What about the tracks they were used on? What about the original sources sampled? Are those also cursed?


YOU’LL HAVE TO BUY IT AND FIND OUT MUAHAHA :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

I wonder if I should curse my digitakt :thinking:

Kenton prolock dark arts edition?


This VA synth only sounds good because of the efffects it has on top of it. You take that away and you will have boring oscillators.

Someone baited me on GS with that and i was smart enough not to reply


Its like having much books around the shelves, cheat on myself that buying equals reading… Transfer that on the amounts of synth I have: I am the next Beethoven ;)… More gear just makes me a better musician, yap!


Norns/Organelle/ER-301/Nord Modular:

“It’s not just a synth, it’s an infinitely expansive tool to build my own synths. It’s the last thing I’ll ever need. I’ll just hunker down and spend the adequate amount of time to learn (supercollider / puredata / the intricacies of modular synthesis) which should take maybe a month tops”


I will sell my eurorack


Haha. That’s anything modular. Shout outs to Reaktor and Max. All the online tutorials are just on the surface. The more you dig into modular synths and practice playing them the more you add and remove modules in your patching. I don’t have euro rack but I can imagine what it’s like for someone to set everything up better and see how much more will a new module help.

You can easily make some good movements and forget to hit record during that session :woman_facepalming:t2:


Obviously you need a Mannequins w/ module so you can record everything. And you can’t just have one Mannequins module. Might as well get a Mangrove, and then another so they can form a complex oscillator as a pair. Hell, the entire Mannequins lineup sits well together. Then a Teletype… what’s my credit card balance again?