Hollow justifications for buying gear


i recently needed a large-ish midi keyboard so i bought a dsi rev2, since, ya know, it has a large-ish keyboard AND a complete synth. i actually SAVED money. right? :laughing:

years ago i bought an early ipod but my computer at the time didn’t have enough HD space to accommodate the device. so i bought a new mac.

Favorite Headphones

‘there’s a gap on my desk and it’s shaped conveniently like a synth’


I have an empty wall behind me, perfect fit for a midsized modular.


My Co-worker told me it was ok to buy the Rytm because she used so much money on golf gear


I have a really small setup, but all MKl devices became really affordable these days - my actual real existing problem :smile:


haha that checks


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I have a new table for some synths setup against the studio back wall. Can’t be bothered with long cabling so why not get another set of monitors instead.


I have 5 synths that I never use.
So, I should buy 5 new ones that I actually will use.


“Product X in this youtube video from Y looks like fun, sounds warm, does something no other of my devices can do and let’s me produce good tracks instantly. Ok let’s see… how much is it? Damn! Ok I could sell… no I can’t let this one go and I also need it for… AH DAMN IT NOT AGAIN!!..but maybe…”


I bought stuff because I wanted it , not because I needed it.
But that was last year.
This year I’m selling it because I haven’t used it.


I wanted another red synth that went bleep ?
… I have too much nord … if that’s possible.



My soundcards only has 8 inputs. I need to buy a new soundcard with more input so I can plug more synths. That I don’t have. Yet.


The one that has gotten me more than a few occasions of late has been the really tempting second hand prices that folk tend to advertise things on here for… I’m scared to look at my posting history as it’ll primarily be posts in the sellers feedback saying “good and friendly transaction”…


I’ll buy it now to save myself the bother of buying it later.


I am lucky enough to have a rack of 64 converters. I need to fill it with stuff!


“Buy cheap, buy twice” is one of my favourites.


Almost did the REV2 thing last weekend but I opted for a Novation 61SL MKIII and decided to opt for a REV2-Desktop. That way, I won’t damage the keyboard of the Prophet by playing it!

Economically sound decisions!

Smart amiright?


“<this device> is the only one i’m yet missing to create music of my dreams”.
every time


That one is actually true tho!
I am on my 3rd interface, had I bought apollo right off the bat I’d been good all along!