Hollow justifications for buying gear


Buying our first place two years ago has been the ultimate test in GAS. I keep telling myself, it would just be a total waste NOT to have a dream setup now that I own my own space. Isn’t that what buying a place was for in the first place? :wink:

Luckily, I live in Tokyo and have limited storage space, so physical limitations have kept me somewhat in check.


That one group whose music I like is reported to have one, ergo I must have one too.


New synapses lead to new workflows lead to new(and therefore interesting) outputs

Also- “oh snap! Elektron released a new box! I love that workflow”


It’s still cheaper than real therapy


I’ll never find a mint condition Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus for under $4k ever again!


omg, this is where i am w home hifi rigs. all the stuff i lusted over in the 90s is now pretty cheap, and i can afford it. problem now is that my wife won’t allow 4’ tall speakers in our living room


Two weeks later : digi box for sale. Gently used (4 hours)



I want a big kingdom


I want to go minimal with it and focus on the bare essentials

The endless cycle of the electronic Everyman

  1. Spare spaces in Eurorack
  2. Buy modules to fill it up!
  3. Oh no I need 2 more HP space for my next module purchase…
  4. Better get a new bigger case!
  5. Return to step 1


That’s why I recently went on a mini rant about why I have to date preferred hardware over software. At least when you change your mind you can get a good chunk of money back, especially if you buy used and sell on the auctions. That said, I’m going the opposite at the moment and selling off a grip of hardware and buying software to clear up physical space. You’re right, it never ends. Haha.


Btw, this is a brilliant thread.

Reading through this is almost as fun as looking for new gear


( I don’t personally use this one anymore … maybe when I was younger and before the internet made things easier to research)

I need synth xxxxx because a person who’s made a record I’ve heard on tv/radio used it on their track and it’s the magic thing I need to also get my music played.


Did you know BoC used an SH-101 for ROYGBIV?


surely I can’t do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING on this shitty little laptop :thinking:


Ouch! I felt that burn. Hahah


I must go buy one.

I heard they used electricity to power their equipment too. I should use that.

And , I heard they finished tracks and released them.
I might do that , but 1st I need to buy sh101.

Loop till end.


As of today I have less hardware now than I’ve had in 10 years. I’m not trying to be minimal or reductionist, but I do recognize that what’s stayed has more room to breathe. Enough space to plant another synth in the springtime, weather permitting.


This is how I justified buying the Korg Wavedrum; Sheila E. has one!


I held off on selling my AR MK1 when I got the MK2, in case either one needs to be sent in for repair.


that’s another reason why i’m about to buy more venerable* grooveboxes – spare brains for my rig :smile:
i really don’t want back to laptop, that’s my universal excuse.

( * modern grooveoxes suck. sad but true.)