Hollow justifications for buying gear


It’s 100% true, and that’s what makes it so powerful/dangerous as a justification when buying stuff. So actually not hollow, I guess…


I don’t even attempt to justify purchasing gear anymore.
It’s more about what to buy than if … :loopy:


Getting into another expensive hobby lately - woodworking. So now I built a table. Synths can go on it. Now I built some shelves. Hmm, I think some gear would look nice there. Now I can build little angled gear stands. Yep, need something to go there - DT and DN. Would be a shame to waste all that nice furniture.


I have a wall socket that needs a plug in it.


“I’m getting it at a bargain price so definitely wont lose a penny if I don’t like it and sell it”…


This EQ has different mojo from that EQ I already own.

This EQ is more British and vintage than the other EQ


It was either synths or become a drug lord, get involved with the wrong mob, start a gang war and end up provoking WW3. Save world peace, buy another synth…

At least that’s what I tell nosy people who ask about my spending habits.


let this be the last piece of synthesiser/guitar/fx box that I will buy


tax return money…


This combines two devices in one so that’s why I’m upgrading


Justification? Why?


family, house payments [of which i dont have]…no job [which i…have? or not…double negative…3 years without a job. FUCK]


Trent Reznor has an entire warehouse full of synths


Probably only uses three and is a collector like Junkie XL


i used that synth on the last release. need something for the next one…


I heard James Welsh (aka Kamera) saying that if he got one track out of a piece of gear it was worth it.


that sounds like me buying volcas.


I will buy this and sell the rest of my collection


after buying second hand Yamaha RM1x, i decided to grab more grooveboxes of that era, available on a local market.

because there are a couple of unoccupied channels in my mixer, and because i could not afford it some 20 years ago.


I bought a PS4 to play Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3