Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Haha, thanks man ! Gives me motivation to keep diving into this box of wonder…

BTW, the lowpass filter sounds SO GOOD on the digitakt… makes doing old school low end theory a pleasure ! Kinda wish there was a 4 pole filter as well for more drastic filtering (dem potential phase problems, tho…)

Is there something akin to beat battles on Elektronauts ?


Definitely keeping pushing with the machine man. I’m looking forward to hearing more creations!

I don’t know of any beat battles on Elektronauts, but it would be cool to get one going. I’ve been slipping with work being so busy at the end of the year, but I’ll be jumping back into some projects soon.

One of my goals for 2018 is to make a Digitakt beat tape or EP, but beat battles are my favorite way to learn the machine. Having strict rules/parameters forces you to try things you would never have considered. Plus, hearing how a bunch of other people flip the same source material is a great way to get new ideas.


Ok, maybe we should have a talk about creating an elektron hip hop bandcamp page or something. because all of these songs sound so good and I would love to be able pay for a tracklist of these and listen to them throughout the day.

Just got my digitakt in the mail today, and I can’t wait to add some tracks to this amazing post. Keep up the great work elektronauts <3


I wanna make a version of this thread for the Octatrack! When I have some ish I am more satisfied with I will do just that. Elektron hip hop is some :fire: :fire: :fire:


Very Nice beat man followed you back :wink:
Are the sample chops locked to steps in a single track, or did you chop the sample after recording? Still not sure which way i prefer…


And another one I did the other day:

Drums and sample are done on the digitakt.
Minitaur on bass, and some guitar and synth added in my daw.


@Sleepyhead Nice beat, digging that peaceful yet slightly melancholic mood. The rhythm section is pretty nice sounding as well, loving that snare and that round and funky bass sound.

For my sample chops, I p locked the start time on one single track, yeah. Tried to do it as well for the breakbeat I used for the drums, but with less success… the lack of zoom once you’re past the buffer made it too difficult to p lock right on the transients, I found.

@DimensionsTomorrow Same here, end of the year is always pretty hectic at work, not much time left for beatmaking.

Let’s try to launch an Elektronauts beat battle in january ! It’s indeed always cool to work with some rules and set parameters, and to see how others flip a sound.


Hey @luishouses, I like the new chill lofi tune your youtube. How do you get the stutter effects on the track, like at 0:12 and 0:20… is that coming from Digi or DAW? Is it possible in Digi?


damn dude, thats some nice chill music there. loving these key sample flips and the drums


same here, p locking start points on samples, but for drums it is a wreck after the sample screen I agree @Kuro


Hey what’s up @PeteCT That stutter effect I did it from Digitakt. To do that effect you need to go to record mode and set a note in the sequencer. Then by holding the note plus the up arrow key, you’ll see a windows popping up from the the Digi. To activate the retrig mode you’ll need to press again the up arrow key. In that window you can set the repeats, note length and the velocity. You can create interesting effects :slight_smile:


I like your idea. Sounds very interesting :slight_smile:


Nice, thank you! A Digi is my Christmas present to myself… I will try it next week!


I’m down for a beat battle! Good idea.

Btw, when I was first researching the possibilities of doing hiphop on the digitakt before purchasing it, the videos of @luishouses and @Le_filou convinced me of it’s power so thanks for that! It’s cool that the entire digitakt hiphop crowd is probably in this single thread :grinning:


Ah cheers @Sleepyhead, glad i was of any help!
I’m now back on the op-1 for some unfinished business! I have around 30 valid beats I need to make into beat tapes and possibly physical ones before moving on otherwise I’ll just let them to rot and die lonely.


Congrats! I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. One of the best sampler/drummer machine :slight_smile:


i like this a lot. the swing on those drumz, woooooo. :slight_smile: I’ll post some stuff soon that I’ve made with Digitakt. I just do my drum programming there, and record all my synths into Ableton Live from a DSI Prophet 08 and a Roland GAIA.


This could belong here! Mostly digitakt… but I layered some op1 over the top in ableton


Yo something I tried out yesterday.
Also what do you guys use to edit videos? Man it was a pain!!!


Nice one man! I enjoyed that and welcome to the board. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your stuff.

You should check out on Onra’s Chinoseries if you haven’t. You might find some inspiration if you have access to local records.

Do you have a SoundCloud?

PS: The wife and I are heading to Bangkok for a few days next week. Maybe I’ll try to check out some record shops.