Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Yeah man I saw him (Onra) live a couple of weeks ago here in BKK. He comes here often. My advice to you is wear a dust mask…I got a nasty cough now lol. Enjoy your Holidays…


@GLDN1 Nice!


Thanks Bro.


Pure Funk. Great work, you sold me on the Digitakt.


Happy New Year! My first beat of 2018. Another Stones Throw beat battle entry. I’ve been listening to a bunch of lo-fi SP-202/303 stuff recently so this was inspired by that (shoutout to Lord Beatjitzu if you’re out there, lol).

This is is mostly flipped from a Swiss Prog Rock tune. I sampled my Volca Kick for the sub-bass. Headphones or a subwoofer recommended because the Volca Kick is a monster. Lol.


Awesome video @GLDN1! and nice beat @DimensionsTomorrow

Here’s my first one of the new year… completely made with the digitakt except for the walking bass which I recorded straight into my daw:


Thanks for checking it out.
SoundCloud is back online. Dope beat. I really dig the vocal samples.


On a Wu-Tang tip!!!


Thanks bro… Damn thats nice(your beat) HPNY!!


Holy crap, this is so rad.


You know it man. Gotta bring the ruckus for 2018!




Hey guys ! New year, but still kickin’ it old school with my Digitakt :

I see you guys have kept trucking as well… a good listening session of your last beats is on the menu, feedbacks coming soon !


Really nice. Love it. Horns are a really nice touch!


That’s dope as! Great vibe to it. Crazy shuffle to the beat.


Thanks man! I’ve been experimenting more with recording live and unquantized, as opposed to what I would call more of a programming style using start times, which is the method I was initially using.

The key on the DT is setting the amp to “note on” so that the sample only plays while you are holding down the trig since there are currently no mute/choke groups. Unfortunately, there is currently a bug in the OS that prevents more than one track from being recorded simultaneously (which cripples it for live drumming) but I notified Elektron, they confirmed the bug, and said that they hope to have it fixed in the next OS. Once that’s fixed, it should be possible to use the DT more like an SP202/303/404.

This track was also the first time I’ve experimented with sub-bass like that. I’m not so happy with the mix, but I have a much better idea of how to go about it now, so I’ll get it on the next track.


Thanks for the insight into your workflow. Good tips! Thanks


@DimensionsTomorrow Cheers, man ! Your latest beat is super dope, digging that more abstracty direction you took… wide and fat soundscape. Would have liked a more prominent snare, tho, but eh, that’s subjective.

@Sleepyhead Again, digging the chill mood and the quality of the whole arrangement. From track to track, seems like you have quite a distinct style. Clean mix as well !

@GLDN1 Rushed to the end of the video to get to the good stuff quickly, and wasn’t disappointed. Dope track, I’ve always been a sucker for eastern moods. Was in Cambodia not so long ago, but didn’t find any time for crate digging, which is a shame. I’ll take a look at the rest of your video a bit later, curious to check your workflow !


clip of a kind of a sleepy ambient hiphop boombap type beat… some other gear in there but digitakt is the :heartbeat:


Haven’t been here for a while. Loving that beat DimensionsTomorrow! The clashes of metal is dope.


I love this! Cute little vinyl records too. Inspired me to make rhythm roulette esique video myself! Good stuff GLDN1!!